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POLL: would you go see it?
yes 62% (8)
no 38% (5)
1/10/09 12:41:14PM

Looked like Cung Le was in it.
1/10/09 1:11:04PM
reminds me a lot of never back down but ill probably see it
1/10/09 7:33:52PM
I voted no, because I wont go to the movies to see it. I would prolly rent it.

Yeah Cung Le was in it.

Movie seems the same as the karate kid, never back down. Just the story is alittle different.
1/11/09 12:41:18AM
hopefully not another embarrassment to MMA
1/11/09 3:49:03PM

Posted by MMAcca

hopefully not another embarrassment to MMA

like what movies could ever be an embarrassment to mma??? I don't get that. just like i don't get how a bad football movie can be an embarrassment to football.... i don't know, maybe its just me
1/11/09 4:15:44PM
Yeah, looks alot like Never Back Down, seems like there gonna start making millions of MMA based movies now.
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