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8/27/12 12:11:34AM
Any one who has followed this series regularly is used to being knee deep in a wordy introduction. The purpose is meant to build up anticipation and hopefully lay the groundwork for an emotional connection to the article which follows. My motive behind this is due to the fact I want these articles to give you more than you are used to reading. I want the readers to walk away from each installment, feeling a bit of what I felt not only writing, but obtaining the information. My passion in the sport of MMA is to highlight a portion of a fighter's journey and thus far I believe I've been somewhat successful in my ability to do so.

I tell you these things because this installment is going to be much different. Typically in this sport, journalists are kept at a distance for good reason. Breaking news and the race for website clicks make this a competitive environment, but based on my niche only writing fighter features, I've walked somewhat of a different path than most of my peers. I'm far from being the only media member to develop friendships in this business, but where other writers have to remain objective, I dwell in a grey area. While the following details are personal, I felt it was long overdue and this story needed be shared...

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8/27/12 12:20:39AM
Wow, if that story doesn't shake you up I don't know what will.

Brian is one of my favorite fighters to watch and one of my favorite individuals to have a conversation with.

What a stirring article.
8/27/12 11:37:36PM
Great stuff. I say it every time he's brought up, but Brian Foster is one of the greatest offensive fighters I've ever seen. He's so powerful it's bordering on inhuman.

I'm hoping he tells the AC to go screw and takes up with OneFC soon. I'm sure they'd love to have him and he'd make waves overseas.