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6/29/07 8:34:55PM
Inside Fighting

Tito talks a lot about his new training facility, his plans for PA, and the whole Couture helping him train debacle.
6/30/07 8:43:40AM
This is a typical Tito interview. He talks crap about everyone and thinks he is the best in the world. If you read one Tito interview you have read them all. All you have to do is change some names and they are all the same.
6/30/07 10:09:43AM
"Everybody is out to get me."

I know someone as classy as Randy will just laugh it off. Tito needs to learn to shut his pie-hole. And yes, if your Mexican-American you can be racist. What, he thinks only white people are racist??
6/30/07 11:37:07AM
As overrated as they BOTH are, I sure hope that Rashad flattens him next week...
6/30/07 2:24:16PM
I'm so sick of him, for real bro. If I had the chance i'd knock him straight the **** out too.
6/30/07 3:30:50PM
Same Ole- Same ole from Tito, living in his own world. I hope Rashad sends him back to sleep so he can dream some more.
6/30/07 6:11:22PM
we will se if he has gotten bask to his form
7/2/07 3:56:40AM
titos form has been the same since 1999...hes gotten worse if anything. i find it hilarious he thinks being a minority makes it ok to say racist stuff to black a recent interview he said he would ko wanderlei in 1 round
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