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7/26/07 10:02:05AM

Posted by LR

I don't want to see the IFL guys just yet, I think Horodecki is somewhat flat this season, squeaking out decisions. The Janitor is a very good fighter, but he hit roadblocks against UFC/PRIDE guys before.

What roadblocks? AA at the top of his game? Or going to a decision with the LHW champ? That's laughable. Vlady is fit to take on anyone in the UFC.

And if you mean against Pride guys, he defeated Lil Nog (near impossible to do!).

The guy is one of the top fighters in the world with one of the best records, why wouldn't you want to see him in the UFC? Well, I guess I should expect such thinking from a Diaz fan.

7/26/07 10:08:21AM
He lost to AA and Tito, both top fighters in the UFC at that time, so yes, he hit roadblocks when he fought major names. He did beat Little Nog, I'll give him that, but you are talking about the UFC of today. There are fighters far better than AA and Tito nowadays, and I doubt he wants a piece of that, considering he's probably one of the higher paid fighters in IFL.
7/26/07 1:17:28PM
Lets not forget he's a natural LHW, AA shouldn't even factor in that much.

You underestimate Vlad, I'm not so sure Rampage could finish him. Would be a hell of a fight though.

Vlad deserves to be in the UFC more then 90% of the fighters currently in it. How anyone could argue to the contrary is unbelievable.
7/26/07 2:01:06PM
Fedor, Diaz, and Gomi, that's about it
7/26/07 4:28:20PM
I won't argue Vlad shouldn't be in the UFC, I'm just not sure he wants to be. It seems kind of ridiculous that the UFC didn't give him some kind of offer around the time the IFL was coming in. He's a very good fighter, I agree.
7/26/07 4:39:05PM
nick diaz
7/26/07 4:40:03PM
mark hunt and josh barnett also
7/26/07 6:23:44PM
kid yamamoto at 155. or even better, ufc starts a featherweight division with urijah faber and kid fighting for the vacant title.
8/2/07 8:40:07PM
Rory Markham
8/2/07 9:14:57PM
Ben Rothwell......... I think he would DOMINATE.......
8/2/07 10:44:06PM
aaron wetherspoon and kermit cintron.....nuff said
8/2/07 11:03:01PM
I really cant think of anyone but Mculough and Faber (if he would gain some weight for lightweight division.

Faber is one of my fav fighter but idk if he would be good at 155 and in the ufc too.
8/3/07 4:19:21AM
these r the 10 fighters i would like to see in the ufc 1. Josh Barnett 2. Wanderlai Silva 3. Hidehiko Yoshida 4. Kazayuki Fujita 5 . Kid Yamamoto 6. Takanori Gomi 7 Fedor 8. Kazushi Sakuraba 9. Ricardo Arona 10 lil nog
8/5/07 6:51:54PM
Kid Yamamoto
Hayato "Mach" Sakurai
Vitor Ribeiro

Shinya Aoki
Satoru Kitaoka (Very tough fighter)
Antonio McKee

Kazuo Misaki
Denis Kang
Paulo Filho
-Would definately improve the Middleweight division IMO

Lil' Nog
Ricardo Arona
Mike Whitehead
Alistair Overeem
Would also like to add Dong Sik Yoon (Dont look at his record, look at his fights post Sakuraba fight, very tough fighter.)

Fedor & Alexsander Emelianenko
Josh Barnett
Kazuyuki Fujita

8/5/07 10:49:17PM
Sokodjou, Norifumi Yamamoto, Mach Sakurai, Luiz Azeredo, Serghei Kharitonov, Little Nog, Matt Lindland.
8/17/07 2:29:26PM
joachim hellboy hansen
8/19/07 2:59:47AM

I would also bust a nut if Gomi and Robbie Lawler came to the UFC

8/19/07 3:35:34AM
WEC Champ urijah faber
8/19/07 4:43:05AM
Aoki, Mach, G.Melendez, Rob McCullough, Gomi, Jake Shields, Fedor, D.Kang
8/19/07 10:40:16PM
Fedor of course and Robbie Lawler and Chris Horodecki
8/20/07 9:16:00PM
I want to see Gabe Ruediger and Andy Wang fight.
8/21/07 7:45:43AM
I want to see Cung Le, Denis Kang, Gomi, and Melendez
8/21/07 9:51:55AM
I'd say the most intriguing matchups would be with Kang. Of course, Fedor is a given, but Kang would be an awesome addition.
8/22/07 3:48:08PM
I totally agree on McCullough. I feel he's extremely underrated and can definitely make a lot of noise in The UFC. He's got legit striking and great ground defense.
8/22/07 4:52:38PM
Fedor, robbie lawler, Nick diaz and gomi
8/24/07 8:34:43AM

Posted by Aether

I don't think the UFC will be too eager to bring over fighters like arona truthfully. His style of fighting is incredibly boring.

so tim sylvia and AA are exciting as of late?
8/24/07 8:37:36AM

Posted by Taylor8766

WEC Champ urijah faber

he is a good fighter anf very fun to watch compete, but at 145. Faber says he walks around at 150-152, so he doesn't cut much weight and i feel he'd be to small for the better 55ers in the ufc. Hence his only loss is to tyson griffin, who was just to strong for faber
8/24/07 9:47:43AM
Sergei Kharitonov, too bad he went to k1 hero's tho, but im not sad, its a growing organization and Sergei will make it so much more attractive to follow.
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