10 fighters who could be in a title fight in a year

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POLL: Which of these young UFC will get a title shot most upcoming
Roger Huerta 28% (11)
Jon Fitch 13% (5)
Karo Parysian 51% (20)
Kendall Grove 5% (2)
Rashad Evans 3% (1)
8/2/07 2:33:38AM
Roger Huerta
Jon Fitch
Karo Parysian
Kendall Grove
Paulo Filho
Cro Cop

You'll notice this new generation of fighters, most of these guys are real young, are so well rounded and resourceful. Jammer.

8/2/07 4:14:34AM
with the options given i think the best bet right now is jon fitch. hes fighting diego shortly with the winner most likely facing the winner of kos/st. pierre. serra and hughes are set for december so there is more then enought time for the winners of these match-ups to go at it. i wouldnt be surprised to see it on the same card as hughes and serra just to build up some hype. i think that fitch will get by diego and should he fight the winner of kos/st. pierre it should be interesting either way. i wonder if fitch/kos would ever even happen seeing as there training partners and all, but the safe bet would be on st. pierre. i wouldnt be all that surprised if fitch got passed st. pierre. he is the bigger guy with great wrestling and pretty good striking. st. pierre is an amazing fighter but i think fitch would prove to be a big problem for him. im not saying fitch is going to take the belt or anything but i wouldnt be shocked if he did.
8/2/07 7:04:22AM
Since it';s a year I'll take Karo.
8/2/07 7:37:49AM
gotta go for karo
8/2/07 10:33:13AM
Fitch if he can get pass diego, roger huerta if the UFC juss feeds him cans till he gets a shot, but from that list i gotta pick cro cop...if he trains hard, and puts his mind into it he'll be there soon for sure
8/2/07 10:54:11AM
gotta go with karo, as a side note i didnt know CC was part of a new gen of fighters
8/2/07 10:57:16AM
I'm picking Huerta, but it's really close for me between him and Karo. I can see both of them getting a title shot soon.
8/2/07 11:00:07AM
I'm pickign Huerta assuming that Sherk's steroid appeal falls flat. The rumor I heard was Huerta vs. Florian for the LW title.
8/2/07 5:37:48PM

Posted by BigEvil

I'm pickign Huerta assuming that Sherk's steroid appeal falls flat. The rumor I heard was Huerta vs. Florian for the LW title.

no i heard penn vs kenflo.but i also pick huerta
8/2/07 6:13:39PM
out of that list Karo deserves a shot the most by far. He is in the unfortunate position of being in the deepest divison in the UFC. But if he stays on track (and in shape) he will get his shot within the year. I'd like to see a re-match with him and Diego
8/2/07 6:30:25PM
gotta go with Fitch he's 6-0 in the UFC and if he beats Diego he could be looking at a title shot or the loser of GSP and Kos and then if he wins that he's a lock for a shot
8/2/07 6:35:13PM
Roger will though a lot of those guys have had harder fights to try to get a title shot. Dana White seems to be giving him easier fighters.
8/2/07 8:29:04PM
easy he almost lost but came back to win man you gotta give a guy credit
he just keeps winning
anyway I ll go with Karo the man deserves one he been in some battles but I dont think he could beat Hughes if Hughes wins
8/2/07 9:09:55PM
Rashad Evans does not deserve one any time soon. Even if he gets lucky and beats Tito in the rematch.
8/3/07 10:25:10AM
I go with Karo.
8/3/07 11:51:09AM
i chose karo because he deserves it the most, but he people who are most likely to earn a shot are.

Grove, who else is in the 185 division- franklin, okami, tanner, and kampmann
frankilin is getting his shot which leaves 3 contenders if grove beat two of them he would get a title shot which could happen in a year.

Huerta, 155 is the same as 185 division, B.J., stevenson, ken flo, tyson,
after bj and another contender fight for vacant belt, that leaves 2 or 3 contenders which if huerta beat, he could get his title shot with in the year.
8/9/07 4:43:37PM
roger in my opinion he's 4-0 in ufc an real young...impressive if he can win his next fight i think he should fight someone like stevenson or nate diaz then the title
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