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6/25/08 4:47:28AM
I've just been wondering, does anyone know of any mma fighters who run marathons? I know Nick Diaz has many times, anybody know of someone else?
6/25/08 5:30:06AM
Not sure about marathons, but Cole Miller does Triathlons
6/25/08 6:48:26AM
Kalib Starnes
6/25/08 11:48:56PM
Randy Couture used to be a triathelete I believe.
6/26/08 12:08:24AM

Posted by juanez13

Kalib Starnes

6/26/08 1:08:28AM
I know Nick Diaz does but I have hard time imaging him in one. The hole cussing the people around him and flipping everyone off and shouting how he is going to out run everyone of them.
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