When Fighters Post Twitter Pictures Gone Wrong

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6/17/12 7:52:13PM
Cris Cyborg posted this photo on Twitter of her kids swimming in a pool. It seems innocent enough....until you notice the rule right above her kids.

I have no idea why this was my take-away from this photo, but I couldn't stop laughing.

Cris Cyborg Photo
6/17/12 8:09:30PM
6/17/12 8:18:15PM

I would have never noticed that had you not mentioned it.
6/17/12 8:44:22PM
Uhhhhh.... what!? Lol

Reminds me of something I saw at a gas station. You know those signs that say "Cash customers pay first"? Someone had scratched off parts of the letters in a fashion that made it read "stoners pay first". I laughed my ass off, naturally. Point being, I wonder if someone similarly defaced the sign in the picture. Surely it can't be a Photoshop job!
6/18/12 11:25:40PM
that's awesome
6/19/12 1:42:01PM
I would have never noticed. =)
6/20/12 9:37:51AM
Tito is still the king.
6/21/12 10:11:09AM
lmao jizziness and farting. sounds like the warning above my bathtub