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6/20/08 3:04:26PM
i will pick kimbo to win if he fights in XC always, no really i pick randy that guys always comes to fight
6/20/08 3:21:43PM
Jens Pulver.......just on of those guys that likes to fight and gives everything hes got
6/20/08 4:13:44PM

Posted by Pookie

Posted by 89vision

i guess you cant pick overdogs because the thread says no matter what the odds are AGAINST THEM, which would refer to them as underdogs, which the champions BJ, Anderson, GSP, Nog, and Rampage have hardly ever been or most of the fighters people pick

i'd pick Bj against Pierre and Rampage against wandy.

that makes it official, my underdogs are bj penn and rampage.

i would pick bj against gsp too

i wouldnt pick rampage tho, besides if they fought i think it would be 50/50 on the playground wandy probably wouldnt be an overdog
6/20/08 5:01:47PM
Matt Hamill, Jason Von Flue, and Nate Diaz
6/20/08 5:20:52PM
#1 for me would be Wanderlei Silva... I never think he'll lose a fight, at least I pray that he won't... The GF almost turned off the TV during the Chuck fight because my pulse was racing so fast, lol...

Other figthers:

Mark Hunt... How do you not love this guy? he's there to fight and does it well, may not have a ground game, but is down to brawl whenver

Jens Pulver... mostly for the reasons mentioned... And he seems like a genuinly nice guy that came up from a shitty upbringing to be everything he is today...

Kazushi Sakuraba... While I'm always excited to see him fight, deep inside I really wish he'd hang em up... I just can't stand watching Saku get pounded by faster, younger, stronger opponents...

Pedro Rizzo... he was instantly my favorite fighter growing up watching the old UFC's and I've just always liked his style and power combination... I'll be a fan of his till the day he hangs em up... And yes, I'm picking him over Barney at "Banned"
6/20/08 5:32:57PM
Anyone from Iowa. I picked Nate Mohr over Manny, Jeremy Stephens over Din Thomas, Jens Pulver over Urijah Faber, and even Chuck Grigsby last WEC card even though I've seen him get knocked out by an overweight Bobby Hoffman in person.

Also, Wandy.
6/20/08 7:10:46PM
James "The Colossus" Thompson
6/20/08 7:45:21PM
nick diaz. But what if this guy that you pull for no matter what faces another guy that you pull for no matter what but is a champion....that kind of limits things and makes this conversation suck
6/14/10 4:45:01PM
Drew Mcfedries!
I always go for him to win via 1st round KO :)

that guy can hit you in your pinky toe and you fall to the ground unconssious, blabbig like a retard.. you can never bet against the heaviest hitter in MMA..

Is till remember the first time i saw him fight.. he was fighting sakara,, who was extremly hyped at that time as a excellent boxer with a decent owerall game..
Mcfedries took it on like a couple of days notice and they stood and traded till sakara got send astrotravelling :)

sakara was hitting him xxx times more often.. drew was just swinging like mad and was getting picked apart by sakara.. but you could SEE the power in those punches that were flying around (and missing).. and then he finally cracked sakara and it was lights out..

6/14/10 5:31:04PM
i never pick goulet...
6/14/10 6:56:28PM
Interesting topic to revive.

Posted by ncordless

Also, Wandy.

Did you pick Bisping?
6/15/10 9:07:33PM
Liddell, Wanderlei, Amir.
6/15/10 10:59:03PM
6/16/10 9:02:29AM
6/23/10 5:21:47AM
I tend to alwasys pick the stronger wrestler.
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