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4/6/12 7:27:00PM
Anyone have any fighters that they have watched from the beginning (small shows) or know personally otherwise?

My cousin and one of the guys in my camp trained for a long time with >>> David "Caveman" Rickles <<<. You might have seen him last week on Bellator 63 where he defeated Jordan Smith by TKO to advance in the welterweight tourney. Pretty cool to see him advance. I found an old flyer today that had Rickles on it from a show that must have had not more than 100 people at it. Pretty cool.

I also went to high school and played football with >>> David Heath <<< who had a stint in the UFC and fought the likes of Lyoto Machida and Tim Boetsch.

Just curious to hear anyone else who has stories. I find it interesting!
4/6/12 7:49:48PM
My cousin cornered Jeff Monson when he fought Pedro Rizzo in Texas.
4/6/12 7:50:41PM
Brian "The Bandit" Cobb is the only one I know personally, but I have like 45 numbers of UFC fighters/coaches/managers in my cell phone.

If I lose my phone and someone finds it....well, I don't want to think about it.

Actually, most people wouldn't even believe that those numbers are real. They'd probably think it was too good to be true.
4/6/12 8:54:30PM
I have to say that's pretty awesome. 45!?!?!?! I don't think I even have that many personal contacts lol
4/6/12 8:58:41PM

Posted by kizzane

I have to say that's pretty awesome. 45!?!?!?! I don't think I even have that many personal contacts lol

Probably more than that, actually.
4/6/12 11:13:35PM
i have a few fighters following me on twitter lol
4/6/12 11:39:34PM

4/7/12 12:23:48AM
No fighters, but a couple of bona fide rock stars. I also trained a man who is a no bs war hero.
4/7/12 11:24:48AM
Only fighter I know personally is Ricardo Talavera, he had 3 fights in Legacy.
4/7/12 7:57:29PM
Chael P.
4/8/12 10:27:18AM
Up until recently I cornered a amature fighter and ran his camp for his pro debut his name is Coy "The Kid" Maloy. While doing that we got to know Charlie Brenneman Jimy Hetes and Travis Clark. One of my best friends gtowing up was Greg Jones 3 time NCAA wrestling champion at WVU he is in FLA helping Rashad get ready for his title fight.
4/8/12 9:52:44PM
Awesome feedback. Except you Chael because I can tell you are being sarcastic.
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