What Fighters Would Make Good Referees?

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12/10/07 1:18:09PM
With Big John retiriring it got me thinking that some of my favorite Mixed Martial Artists could step up and would make great officials. Nobody can replace Big John, but I think Randy Couture would make a great ref. He's been in the game for so long and knows all of the rules in and out. You can tell when he did commentary how intelligent he is when it comes to the fight game.
Bas Rutten is another guy who comes to mind. He would make sure the action would continue and wouldn't have early stoppages.

Any other fighters you think we make good referees?
12/10/07 1:19:45PM
i think joe rogen should try it, he is not a fighter but i think he would do ok
12/10/07 4:28:08PM
I agree with Randy, and I think the guys who are possibilities should all be well rounded. If you had Dean Lister as a ref, there would probably be no standups. needed or not. If you had Manhoef as a ref their would probably be too many, too quick.
12/10/07 5:33:03PM
Pat Miletich... i know hes not an active fihgter, but would make a great ref
12/10/07 11:36:50PM
Forrest Griffin

The guy would sit back and let the guys fight on like any good ref does. If shoguns is fighting though, he might start flicking of his corner again though
12/10/07 11:38:21PM

Posted by d_block07

Pat Miletich... i know hes not an active fihgter, but would make a great ref

Randys good to but I would hate to see him make a bad call and tick people off. Its best he sticks to announcing after he retires
12/11/07 11:14:54AM
Lots of Refs are fighters. Big John trained before he reffed.
Herb Dean and Larry Landless both have MMA fights.
Troy from TUF 6 has ref'd
12/11/07 11:40:19AM
Tony DeSouza
12/11/07 10:19:36PM
Joe Rogans a fighter.
some fighters would I train with fighters that reff.
12/12/07 10:36:16AM
Rampage would make a great ref! That would be hilarious!
12/12/07 10:39:02AM
i seen a couple smaller org fights where matt hughes and rich franklin were refs, they didnt do a horrible job, but it was weird seeing them ref.
12/12/07 5:01:56PM





matt hughes




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