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12/11/08 1:02:03AM
Jim Miller, Matt Wiman, Josh Koscheck and Steve Cantwell each earned $30,000 "fight night" bonuses for their performances at "UFC Fight Night 16: UFC Fight for the Troops."

"UFC Fight Night 16: UFC Fight for the Troops" took place Wednesday at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C., in conjunction with the Fort Bragg military institution, and aired live on Spike TV. The bonus amounts were significantly lower than the $65,000 awards issued at UFC 91 in November, but were on par with the $30,000 bonuses issued at UFC Fight Night 15 in September.

The UFC announced the bonuses at the post-fight press conference, and the awards were confirmed by (

12/11/08 1:09:55AM
spoilers forum maybe?
12/11/08 1:18:14AM

Posted by Ordep

spoilers forum maybe?

12/11/08 1:21:45AM
now it's fine after the title edit
12/11/08 1:24:54AM
good choices, ufc.
12/11/08 1:28:32AM

Posted by Ordep

now it's fine after the title edit

Once the news sites post articles with results, it's no longer a spoiler...that was determined a while back.
12/11/08 2:15:28AM
I like these choices, although technically Cantwell didn't get a sub and Miller/Wiman wasn't very competitive.
12/11/08 11:32:47AM
wiman vs miller fight of the night???? seriously?
12/11/08 4:17:34PM
anyone watch the Cory Hill fight, if not its up on the ufc site and its brutal, very very brutal
worse than Razak al Hassans injury.
Koscheck and Saunders killed it, excellent KO wins
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