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5/10/08 7:37:35PM
Ok, hmmm.....just wondering.....
5/10/08 7:38:37PM
This is a bad idea to post as a thread. It is basically asking people to fighter bash, which is against the forum code of conduct on this site. To spare yourself and others potential bans you might consider editing this to say "mods, please delete"
5/10/08 7:43:07PM
i don't like (saying respect doesn't feel right) any fighter in the babysitter's club who come lay and pray their way to snoozefest decisions. watching someone take a muscle nap with the occasional kidney punch is about as exciting as the waiting room at the dentist's office. i'm looking at you rashad, o'brien, and koscheck to name a few. tim sylvia's old jab jab circle routine was also pretty drool inducing
in the end i'm just a spectator so i'm entitled to my like dislike opinions but the idea of not respecting a fighter is a completely different can o worms
this is the hardest sport to excel in period
5/10/08 7:44:03PM
with Jackelope... Yeah, this will lead you to getting banned or someone else. Not a good idea.
5/10/08 7:50:35PM
There is a difference between not likeing a fighter and not respecting a fighter.

There are a few fighters who i don't like.

But there are no fighters who i don't respect.

If a guy has the guts to step into the cage and fight, then he will always have my respect.
5/10/08 8:14:34PM
i mean i respect all the fighters for coming in there and fighting.

but that doesnt mean i like all the guys that fight, i just have respect for what they do. love them or hate them.
5/10/08 8:35:22PM
I don't think it's compulsory that one necessarily respects all fighters. However, not respecting someone is not the same as disrespecting them.

There are a lot of fighters (and people in general) that I do not have respect for nor do I have any malicious feelings either. It's called indifference.
5/10/08 10:27:28PM
We should be able to have a thread on which guys you dont like as fighters. This isnt sherdog where people just start saying dumb and immature things. As long as you just discuss why you don't like someones style for instance there should be no reason to get in trouble.
5/10/08 10:37:08PM
Yeah, I think I better lock this thread before anything bad happens.
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