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3/21/08 12:23:36PM
What do you guys think of fighters coming to the UFC from other orginizations and getting put above other guys because of there success outside the UFC I personally think if you come to the UFC from a different company especially companys with different rules and a ring you should have to fight your way up to the big cards and title fights, not saying they shouldnt get tough competition but for example Hendersons first fight back in the UFC was a title fight, Rampage beat Eastman then automatically got a shot at Chuck and the title in his 2nd fight. Soku lost his debut and since than I have read so many post about who he should fight yet and there all big name fighters even heard a few people say he should get a title fight not just on MMAPlayground but other forums aswell I just don't think its fair to UFC fighters who have been there for yrs and have winning streaks and haven't gotten a title shot yet to be replaced or taken off a main card fight because of a fighter coming in from a different company who had success over there.
3/21/08 12:31:44PM
I think if you beat top competition it shouldn't matter where you fought.
3/21/08 1:44:04PM
I too think that a fight is a fight. While the rules may vary, you are still fighting tough competition at the same sport.

From a financial standpoint, if you are top competition in one league, you are probably being paid a lot. If a second league wants you, they are going to have to exceed your current pay. If this new league wants to make any money on you, they should put you in the big fights to market you as best as possible. It makes fiscal sense.
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