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9/16/09 4:48:21PM
"Former UFC heavyweight champion “Maine-iac” Tim Sylvia (24-6) agreed to an interview with before his fight versus Jason Riley (6-1) at Adrenaline MMA 4 in Omaha Friday…until he peeped my questions.

“Chad, I am not going to do this interview,” Sylvia graciously responded. “I don’t like how this whole thing is coming accross. Sorry.”

Below are the questions that Sylvia refused to answer along with what could dig-up. You decide if’s questions were out of line. Of course, would prefer to put Sylvia on the record on the issues fans are chattering about. And, stands by everything written here as told by reliable sources, but sources can only speak from their point of view. It’s unfortunate Sylvia won’t tell his story."

9/16/09 5:47:40PM
While I'd like to hear the answer to these questions (and probably laugh my ass off), I don't blame Sylvia one bit for not wanting to do that interview. The interviewer obviously wanted nothing more than to pick at him with embarrassing questions and make it more into a hit piece, similar to Dana's E:60 piece. Yeah, fans wanna know this stuff, but ALL of the quesitons were negative ones. Don't blame big Tim at all for this.

I mean, the guy could have at LEAST asked a couple positive questions, but the most postive question was whether or not he planned on training anywhere else but with miletich.

Props to Tim for just walking away from this one.
9/16/09 6:17:20PM
I dont blame him one bit for walking away from this, all the interviewer wanted to do is try and humiliate him. Love or hate Tim he has done alot in his career and deserves more respect, especially since he took time to atempt the interview for their website.
9/16/09 9:40:56PM
Tims a decent guy, people should cut him some slack. He probably could of got pissed off and stormed away from the interview, it would of been acceptable imo. But he was still cool about it and even apologised for leaving.
9/16/09 11:11:04PM
well the questions are worded very carefully to sound neutral but the underlying theme of the article is "how do you feel about being fat and washed up." I don't blame him for not taking this, I doubt that any answers he gave could possibly have portrayed him in a positive light.
9/16/09 11:49:50PM
Glad to see people supporting Tim's decision. I would love to know the answers to these questions, but I agree that they are condescending in nature and could probably only come off negatively.
9/17/09 12:32:12AM
Good for you Tim, that interviewer was a douche
9/17/09 3:36:19AM
Tim gets a lot of crap and he deserves a good portion of it,but the majority of those questions were WAY out of line.I wouldn't have done that interview either.Good for Tim for turning them down,and doing so in a classy manner.He was the bigger man (no pun intended).

9/17/09 9:34:46AM
bad thing is fighters might see this and now might not wanna do interviews for
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