UFC, fighters on board for Glover Teixeira vs. 'Rampage' Jackson

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10/15/12 2:25:58PM
It appears all parties are on board for a bout between recent UFC 153 winner Glover Teixeira and his original opponent, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, who dropped off this past weekend's card due to an injury.

Following Teixeira's TKO win over Fabio Maldonado, the fast-rising light-heavyweight contender said he wants "Rampage" if the fighter is interested and willing to show up in shape.

It appears both Jackson and UFC President Dana White are on board.

10/15/12 2:36:25PM
I hope Rampage is actually "on board" for this one. Real motivation is tough to come by, especially when he was talking about some odd video he made to get kicked out of the UFC. I hope his heart is really in this one, it would make for a fantastic fight.
10/15/12 2:41:22PM
I love it. I haven't been this excited for a Rampage fight since... well probably his fight with Hendo at UFC 75.
10/15/12 5:34:59PM
I'm glad this fight is still gonna happen
10/15/12 7:27:36PM
Nice. I'm not excited for a Rampage fight. I'm excited to see Glover knock him into retirement
10/15/12 7:29:08PM
He wanted a striker (pure boxing) fighter. Thems Forest kicks is cheatin.
10/15/12 8:16:04PM
I'm on board
10/15/12 9:08:55PM
Still quite interested in this fight as well. And Rampage wants it so if we have a motivated Rampage I can see this being more competitive then some might think.
10/15/12 9:10:10PM
Dumb fight pretty much since Rampage has zero ground game..Give him Lyoto..Id say Shogun but hes in a fight...
10/15/12 9:10:45PM
ramPAGE isn't man enough to stand and trade with Glover.....he will resort to the "snuggie" gameplan like he did against Dan 'The Man' Henderson....he felt the man-power of Dan's fists and the end result was Pagey didn't give the "fans" what they wanted.

TNA is callin' Page, they need a tag-team partner for Moe.
10/15/12 11:03:05PM
Glad still on. Gotta go with texeira still
10/16/12 3:07:13AM
I hope Rampage breaks Dana's heart again just like he did when he first beat Chuck.
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