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4/11/07 12:07:27AM
I was just it better for a fighter to make it to the top on their own,or with the help of TUF?

I have noticed that most TUF fighters get less respect from other fighters and some fans.....a TUFer can go on a tear and still get no top shot at the title or a top of the line contender shot(swick,Jardine)....the other con on TUF is that they will forever be known as a "TUFer".....even Dana White once mentioned that "No TUF guys were getting a quick title shot"

and other fighters who made it on their own,like Jason Macdonald got a quick shot at Franklin after 2 fights...

4/11/07 12:21:46AM
It's a interesting point. Quarry got one, and that due to Salaverry and Marqaurdt stinking it up IMO. Florian technically got one as well.Diego probably would have got one after Hughes, but not now . Leben might have got one if he beat Anderson, but only becasue he would have beat a top guy. I think it only helps you as long as you win, but it's not as important as being a top fighter coming into the UFC, like Rampage/Anderson/Cro-cop.
4/11/07 1:00:19AM
also, i think some of the tuf people try to wait out their tuf contract so they can get more money for a title shot. i belive i heard diego saying this before he got beat.
4/11/07 8:12:58AM
About MacDonald. He not only had a bunch of fights under his belt (more than many of the TUF guys) but the fight against Franklin was not a title shot.

Also, the wins against Herman and Leben were very decisive wins (not decisions).

I don't think MacDonald was rushed to the top.

If anyone wants to see the mistake of giving a TUF guy an early title shot look at Nate Quarry.
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