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7/20/12 2:31:09PM
MMA veteran Sherman Pendergarst passed away this morning after a two-year fight with rectal and colon cancer. He was 45.

"He always cared for others more than himself," Pendergarst coach Pat Miletich today told ( via text. "He told me a few months ago that he had lived a great life and reached his goals and was at peace."

Pendergarst made a lone octagon appearance at UFC 65, where he lost to Antoni Hardonk. The former heavyweight and light heavyweight also made a lone appearance for Bellator and fought current UFC fighter Joey Beltran at Bellator 5 in May 2009. His overall professional record was 11-18, though he faced many big-show vets, including Shane Carwin, during his seven-year career.

Not even his illness could keep him from competing. He fought just five months ago at a local event in Fargo, N.D., while still suffering from the effects of cancer...

7/20/12 2:59:16PM
Rest in Peace Sherman.

That's always sad to hear, cancer still claims SO many lives. I honestly wonder how someone with cancer can get cleared to fight though...
7/20/12 3:11:10PM
RIP Tank
7/20/12 3:26:25PM
Alwways sad to see someone pass away too young. Rest in Paradise Sherman
7/20/12 3:34:33PM
RIP brother - - no more pain and suffering - - only peace.
7/20/12 5:23:24PM
R.I.P. Pendergarst

That dude wasn't afraid to fight anyone
7/20/12 6:23:47PM
RIP Sherman

This is tough news to hear. Far too young
7/20/12 7:38:04PM
My prayers go out to his loved ones.
7/21/12 12:27:10AM
RIP Went out like a true warrior.
7/21/12 5:24:54PM
oh man. and right after making the 50 worst list RIP