UFC Fighter Quinn Mulhern Retires: “I Won’t Be Competitive at This Level”

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1/5/14 12:11:09AM
UFC fighter Quinn Mulhern on Saturday night called it a career, decides to move on to something new.

1/5/14 1:14:20AM
I was baffled watching this dude fight this morning.. He outsized his opponent by ALOT yet whenever his opponent would engage Mulhern would flop to his back & ask buddy to jump into his guard...? Glad he recognized fighting isn't for him.
1/5/14 1:16:25AM
Respect for any man that can admit that....wish him well in his future endeavors
1/5/14 2:19:29AM
No big loss here, he got beat pretty solidly by anyone actually worth watching. Plus he has a degree in liberal arts, that's got to open some doors for you...right?
1/5/14 12:01:24PM
Bad game plan yesterday
1/5/14 2:16:27PM
I'm not too surprised, I didn't think he was UFC level before the fight and after the fight just proved that. He's not going to be competitive at this level and to make a career in this sport, you have to be able to be competitive at the UFC level to earn a living.
1/5/14 11:10:35PM
He also pulled out of his two fights before this, one with a broken hand in training, and I don't know how his cut to 155 was being that tall. I imagine he can put his black belt in BJJ to use as a trainer, whether at Jackson's or not.
1/5/14 11:41:01PM
I think after Kikuno's next fight, the flopping to the back will be more understood.