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10/6/14 2:45:35PM
Dillashaw took the crown with a decisive victory over Renan Barao. Then followed it up with a stoppage over Joe Soto. Most people didn't know who Soto was but he showed some good skills and it was an impressive win for Dillashaw.

He's got a great offensive game and understands distance and angles well.

But he is open for the counter all night and showed some real trouble when he couldn't finish either guy when he had their back.

Bantamweight has some real beasts in it.

I showed some clips analyzing him as a fighter.

Film Study and Analysis

What do you think the future holds for him?
10/6/14 4:34:31PM
Is this Jakes alter ego Billy?
10/6/14 5:09:56PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

Is this Jakes alter ego Billy?

10/6/14 7:07:34PM
If I became a fan this year of one fighter.
And had to pick that fighter.

It would be tj dillashaw.
Glad to see him fight live twice this year.
Hopefully in 2015 I can see him again
10/8/14 3:19:17PM
I appreciate the effort for video but your commentary is a bit lacking. You only use two fights as examples, Barao and Soto. Why not bring up other fights? Easton, Assuncao, Lee, Viana, Tamura, Watson, Dodson. That was my biggest gripe. It also lacked, the analyzation of the his 'weaknesses' really lacked. You explained how he needs to finish when he has the back and neck, but all I heard was "He needs to finish, see here, he just can't" followed by another "he just can't." But WHY? Is he too high? Over-unders not being utilized properly? Too focused on the finish he lacks rudimentary techniques that keep him from being reversed on? I need more than "see, he just can't finish."