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2/16/09 8:49:26PM
Former UFC fighter Kimo Leopoldo was arrested by police for drug possession in Tustin, California earlier today after authorities spotted the ex-fighter wearing a Long Beach Police Department jumpsuit complete with patches and a cloth badge according to

The clothing, restricted to police officers only, prompted the men in blue to investigate and upon searching Leopoldo’s car, found “a small amount of (illegal substance) what is believed to be meth.”

Kimo (10-7-1) is perhaps best known for wearing down Royce Gracie in a losing effort at UFC 3, thus allowing Nebraska police officer Steve Jennum his fifteen minutes of fame.

Leopoldo last competed at UFC 48, getting dropped back into irrelevance courtesy of Ken Shamrock’s knee. Kimo would subsequently test positive for steroids following the bout, and again get caught using the juice prior to a scheduled match with Bas Rutten at the World Fighting Alliance.

When we last heard from the German-born brawler, he was applying to be Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission (no, really). Leopoldo is currently still in custody.

2/16/09 8:57:02PM
pretty good for a guy that used to carry a cross on his shoulders to the octagon and preach to school kids...

What a turd...
2/16/09 8:58:44PM
He was supposedly going to be going around Cali speaking to kids against using steroids also...
2/16/09 9:15:39PM
Was he not trying to get on the Cali Commision? oh brother....

my bad it says that....what was he doin with the police gear, I know what he was doin with the meth
2/16/09 9:16:14PM
Why am I not suprised..........Kimo is a piece of work.

BTW,he's fought since UFC 48.IIRC,the last time he fought was that really strange fight with Wes Sims.

2/16/09 10:32:51PM
I cant believe he was prancing around in a police jumpsuit, thats not a subtle way to get the police's attention at all

Kimo is an alright guy, I hope it works out for him.
2/16/09 10:47:44PM
maybe him and joe son could start a new church in prison.
2/17/09 10:59:22PM
Isnt he almost 40 now? Some people outta know better. Esp when you are applying to be the head of a comission that test for banned substances (Meth is a banned substance, as are roids)
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