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12/2/07 2:50:46PM
Are you serious? How do you not mention this man.

Mark Coleman.Had two fights and submitted both. First by choke and the second should have been a stoppage but the guy tapped before the ref jumped in.

Oh yeah and guess what else he did?

Became the 1st UFC Champion EVER!!!
12/2/07 2:53:02PM

Posted by Rush

Worst debut by quality fighter
Wanderlei Silva

Are you serious? He just got bumrushed. No way he's the worst. He wasn't hyped up as an Icon just yet then as he is treated like one now.

That honor belongs to Shogun or Heath Herring. Both expected to be big, both got basically close to being dominated...or at least they both put on bad performanes. Shogun for some crazy reason started shooting and Forrest was winning the whole fight IMO. Herring just got GNP'd the crap out of for 3 rounds.
12/2/07 3:45:10PM
Gracie is a good candidate, but the honor goes to Lauzon. He was brought in specifically to lose to Pulver. Gracie, Belfort, even Coleman cannot make that claim. Not only an underdog because of Pulver's name, but because everyone knew the far less experienced Lauzon would lose in quick fasion. Instead Lauzon shocked everyone that night by finishing the man fighters like Penn and Uno failed to finish.
12/2/07 5:17:49PM
mark weir ufc 38 !! then he got his ass kicked and out of ufc after that fight !!
12/2/07 6:56:34PM
Anderson Silva
12/9/07 5:30:20PM
Two words buddy Anderson Silva
12/14/07 11:00:54PM
Instantly I thought of Joe Lauzon, but, even though I've still yet to see the fight, Frankie Edgar's debut was probably more impressive. The quick KO of an established fighter was good, but I think dominating one for three rounds is even more impressive.
12/15/07 11:36:48AM
12/15/07 12:10:32PM
After anderson silva threw the first punch against leben i knew what what was going to happen to franklin
12/15/07 12:40:08PM
The only reason I chose Lauzon rather than Silva was because Lauzon beat the former lightweight champ. Even though Anderson walked through Leben too, it's Leben, not a quality or really respected fighter.
12/15/07 12:56:30PM
Watch UFC 6.
One guy one there still fights today based on what he did on that night. Im sure everyone know who it is.
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