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1/17/12 3:11:36AM
I posted this on Sherdog and it got a pretty good response so I figured I'd post it here as well.

Last night I was watching the prelims I had recorded and heard Mike Pyle ask Rogan to put him and his wife on Fear Factor during the post-fight interview. It brought up an interesting question, if Fear Factor did a UFC edition, which fighters would you want on it? Let's say you can pick any 4-5 to face off.

If it was me, aside from Mike Pyle because he asked first, I'd want to see..

Gina Carano - Gotta have a hot chick or it's just not worth watching no matter what they're doing. Fear Factor knows this.
Rampage Jackson - The obligatory tough black guy that's afraid of everything.
Lyoto Machida - The guy drinks piss for breakfast, 'nuff said.
Clay Guida - I could see him getting all pumped up jumping around in a snake tank, eating them even though he doesn't have to just to show how pumped up he is. Same goes for Diego Sanchez. It would be great to see him yelling "YES!" while he chows down on a bunch of roaches.

Not only do I want to know who you'd most want to see on Fear Factor, but also who do you think would win a CHAMPION-ONLY edition of Fear Factor?

Let's hear your thoughts!

1/17/12 4:56:45AM
Love the idea

As for the champion only, I'd pick Frankie Edgar to lose the first round but comeback to finish strong and win in the end oh wait... We're not talking about fights.
1/17/12 5:51:43AM
I remember they did WWE stars and always thought it was strange they never attempted the UFC fighters.

I would like to see a good mix up of fighters if they where to do this.

Leben,Kos,meathead,Vlady,Hunt,Forrest,hell bring back Junie if he's out of thailand
1/17/12 8:44:47AM
Cody McKenzie would win. I think he eats bull scrotum and horse flies as snacks.
1/17/12 11:17:27AM
Fear Factor contestants are usually a little loopy so Id imagine the fighters would have to be the real characters of the octagon.

Mike Pyle(cause he asked)

Pat Barry(cause you know he'd have Rogan cracking up)

Chael Sonnen(i'd imagine he would lose but convince himself he won)

Cody McKenzie(it would be interesting to see him banter with the bigger names)

Big Country(i'd imagine he'd have Rogan laughing & would prob win any eating contest)

Rampage(he wouldn't last long but it would be funny to see him scared shitless of scorpion babies)

Alan Belcher(I may be mistaken but I think he asked Rogan to put him on the show aswell)

Brian Stann(Marines should be fearless right?)

1/17/12 11:56:29AM
I would like to see some names from the past like Couture, Gracie, Shamrock, Severn, Coleman, Abbott, Taktarov etc.
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