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3/10/10 12:21:18PM
Just want to introduce myself:

New to the site, but not the sport. I love fights, fighting, and fighters. Im obsessed with anything that has to do with MMA.
I spend most of my time studying fighters, history, techniques, etc. Im hoping someday to be in the biz one way or the other. Maybe not as a fighter (although the ultimate dream come true for me would be to fight Kim Couture).
Anyway, just thought I'd share the unnecessary info about myself.

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3/10/10 12:59:03PM
Welcome to the playground
3/10/10 1:05:58PM
thank you
3/10/10 1:27:14PM
Welcome to the Playground. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the site rules (found at the bottom of my post).

3/16/10 2:48:33PM
well hellooo....
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