What fighter is having the best and worst 08'?

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8/27/08 1:49:41PM
Who do you think is having the best 08 and who is having the worst?

I think Eddie Alvarez is having the best year out of MMA fighters. A fight of the year candidate vs Kawajiri and a win over Joachim Hansen shot him into the top 5 at LW from not being ranked at all.

The worst I wold say is Matt Hughes. Technically he's only had one fight this year although his loss to GSP was only a couple days before 08 began. The loss to Thiago Alves really seemed to reflect his decline as an elite fighter.
8/27/08 1:55:11PM
8/27/08 2:04:54PM
anderson silva....pretty much took over the p4p best fighter in the world slot......unified the titles effectively wiping out top notch competition in his division with the win over henderson.....and then moving up in weight to take on a legit fighter and effectively taking care of business
8/27/08 2:06:51PM
Best-Forrest. He's gone from mid-card to UFC Champion, and beat a couple of pretty good names in the process.

Worst-Jesse Taylor. He just about had it all and partied it away, then his mouth cost him a second chance.
8/27/08 2:19:27PM
Best - Anderson
He has cleaned out the middleweight division and showed he is no dobut the top p4p fighter in the world.

Worst - Tim Sylvia
Lost his 2nd UFC title fight in a row to Nogueira and got completely obliterated by Fedor. Not looking like a good year to be Timmay
8/27/08 2:20:35PM
but did you see his girlfriend???

8/27/08 3:46:12PM
Best- Forrest Griffin and Anderson Silva

Worst- Rampage Jackson and Tim Sylvia
8/27/08 4:28:08PM
Best=Amir,Forrest and Alvarez

8/27/08 7:09:14PM
best of o8?

id say forrest and alvarez for the best 08

for worst id have to say Rampage. hate to say it since i like him alot but yeah it has to be him.
8/27/08 7:45:05PM
I would say Alvarez and Forrest are pretty close to having the best 08 so far. The worst could be several fighters including Rampage(legal troubles), Hughes, and Jesse Taylor. I would put Sylvia in there but he did make $800,00 dollars for his fight, and lost to the best HW in the world, so he may be over it.
8/27/08 8:12:30PM
Best: Gsp- solidified that he isn't gonna take anyone lightly anymore; Thiago Alves

Worst: Big Tim
8/27/08 11:28:03PM
Anderson, Penn, GSP, Fedor.

Evan tanner....
8/27/08 11:46:13PM
BEST- Frank Murr. Had he not beaten Lesnar he would not be coaching TUF.Now he's a coach, gets all the exposure, and a title shot at NOG.

Worst- Rampage
8/28/08 10:17:37AM
Best: I like Griffen and Alvarez. Both are in very different places in 2008 than they were in 2007. You can't say that as much for someone like Silva who was already established as a champion and one of the best fighters in the world in 2007.

Worst: Fighting wise it might be Hughes, Sylvia or Hunt who have been pretty much knocked out of contender status, but in the overall scheme of things Rampage and Couture have gone from two of the biggest stars for the UFC to guys who don't have titles and may not be fighting again any time soon.
8/28/08 2:05:04PM
best - forrest he finally won the title and proed he is a top fighter no matte rhow many ppl complain about the rampage decison

worst - rampage he lost his belt now hes having to worry about whats gonna happen from his incident, plus thats gotta make it hard to concentrate on training.
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