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12/26/08 11:51:22AM
I noticed in the advertisement part of the playground every once in awhile it says a fighters IQ, is this real? some of them make sense and none of these guys are on the cutting edge of intelligence with none of them scoring above 119. Here's the list I've compiled from looking around today.

Gabriel Gonzaga = 119
Anderson Silva = 119
Ken Shamrock = 119
Andrei Arlovski = 119
Tim Sylvia = 119
Nate Marquardt = 119
Thales Leites = 119
Roger Huerta = 117
Tyson Griffin = 117
Tito Ortiz = 115
Fabricio Werdum = 114
Quinton Jackson = 114
Heath Herring = 114
Forrest Griffin = 114
Kimbo Slice = 114
Wanderlei Silva = 110
Thiago Alves = 110
Josh Koscheck = 110
Chuck Liddell = 110
Diego Sanchez = 110
Matt Hughes = 110
Rashad Evans = 110
B.J. Penn = 110
Jon Fitch = 110
Joe Stevenson = 110
Mauricio Rua = 102
Fedor Emelianenko = 98
Georges St. Pierre = 98
12/26/08 12:15:22PM
Isnt IQ supposed to be someones ability to learn? Or something along those lines?
Funny how GSP and Fedor and slightly below average (100-102).

I know Bas Rutten has 141 IQ and that 140 is considered Genius.
12/26/08 2:11:06PM
I think it's probably B.S. I am also not sure how well any internet IQ test can properly assess IQ. Usually they're like 100 questions max. I've taken some and scored about 135 each time, but I don't know if I'm worthy of a 135 score. Hell, I'm 26 and I haven't even graduated college yet
12/26/08 2:26:31PM
Not surpirsed by Bas as he is SUPER smart but Fedor and Georges? The two best fighters in the world with possibly the lowest IQ`s.
12/26/08 2:58:19PM
I am positive that this is complete BS. GSP's IQ is above a hundred. I mean how many bilingual college graduates do you think have an below average I.Q.
12/26/08 3:03:00PM

Posted by decken

I am positive that this is complete BS. GSP's IQ is above a hundred. I mean how many bilingual college graduates do you think have an below average I.Q.

Exactly- both men strike me as far more intelligent. Plus, from actual IQ tests and knowledge retention tests I've taken there is usually physical tools that are used to assess your abilities. Like confusing blocks and shapes and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

Plus, Fedor doesn't speak English and neither does GSP very well- do these sites really have the tests set up in Russian, too?
12/26/08 3:13:41PM
i would like too know rich franklins actual IQ though because hes a really smart guy and well spoken
12/26/08 5:59:15PM
Why would a internet ad business have information on all the fighters?

Real IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests involve verbal and performance tests... and are not usually public record.
12/26/08 10:10:14PM
i took that test and i scored 116 so yes it is complete B.S. i mean i barely got out of high school
12/27/08 3:20:02AM
Its all BS theres a reason why so many fighters score the exact same #'s, the names are randomized.
12/28/08 5:14:28PM
I've seen those types of ads on other sites. The names are randomly generated based on the site content and the numbers appear to be randomly generated, too. Most of those people probably never took an IQ test and why would they publish it if they did?

BTW, 160+ is considered genius level, not 140+. There would be millions of people in America alone with an IQ over 140.
12/28/08 5:29:17PM

Maybe it proves that their not smart enough to have any distractions and use all their ability and focus on fighting. Perhaps to perfect a craft it helps being a tad below average in the IQ department lol.
12/29/08 3:07:12AM
I took one of those online IQ tests when I was bored one day.


They are fake.
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