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POLL: Your vote for UFC fight of the year ?
Melendez/Sanchez 18% (6)
Jones/Gustafsson 44% (15)
Bigfoot/Hunt 35% (12)
other 3% (1)
12/7/13 11:10:22AM
I would still go with Jones/Gustafsson but I could see picking any of these three for FOTY
12/7/13 1:26:14PM
Best way for me to judge
Is to see all three fights back to back then judge.

Right now I would say
Gil vs Diego just cause I was there
12/7/13 1:33:27PM
Good idea! Link?
12/7/13 2:02:21PM
I voted Bones/Gus.

Bigfoot/Hunt was great, but I didn't think it was even close to FOTY.
12/7/13 6:47:20PM
Sharkeisha vs Victim
12/10/13 8:33:33PM

Posted by infestructure

Sharkeisha vs Victim

Sharkeisha a wile one fo' real. But victim didn't put up much of a fight.

I say Gustafsson/Jones.
12/11/13 2:14:48AM
Diego vs Gilbert NO DOUBT.

Melendez was outslugging him for two rounds then with his skin hanginig off his face with the doc so close to stopping it Diego comes out like a man posessed and WHOOPS Gilberts ass and almost stops him! I still think if Diegos eye held up he would of stopped him in a 5 rounder!
12/11/13 3:11:39AM
I got Jones/Gussy
12/11/13 12:32:06PM

1. Wanderlei vs Stann
2. Grice vs Burmudez
3. Chandler vs Alvarez II
4. Hunt vs Silva
5. Choi vs Maruyama
6. Jones vs Gustafsson
7. Zigano vs Tate
8. Johnson vs Dodson
9. Melendez vs Sanchez
10. Hendricks vs. Condit
12/12/13 7:44:55PM
I forgot about Johnson/Dodson, that was a barnburner.
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