Who should fight the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites?

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POLL: Who should fight the winner of Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites?
Demian Maia 38% (22)
Nate Marquardt 16% (9)
Yushin Okami 41% (24)
Other 5% (3)
2/23/09 7:29:24AM
2/23/09 7:35:53AM
Demian deserves the fight right now. Nate needs another win before I'll consider him.
2/23/09 7:46:23AM
Okami deserves it the most, but it looks like he'll get the Karo Parisyan treatment after his injury cost him his shot. Okami's shot was taken by Cote when Okami broke his hand. So since he was less than two months out from his shot at the belt and he already fought Silva (which ended with a sweet DQ), I'd like to see him get the first crack at the winner.

But I highly doubt that will happen now with all the contenders rushing in at the moment.
2/23/09 8:24:46AM
Though I know Okami deserves it more the anyone, I think Maia should be the one to fight Silva, and test his ground game.
2/23/09 8:35:27AM
i could have swore Dana said if Silva wins Okami will get a shot.
2/23/09 10:33:59AM
Okami Okami Okami Okami, I could say it a million times but okami will prolly be like machida and not get a shot.

I think Okami has as good of a chance at beating Silva as Maia, Marquardt or Hendo.
2/23/09 10:38:48AM
okami deserves it...injury aside, fighting style aside....theres unfinished business and hes on a good roll

nate and damian are about even in my book right now....i think nate has beat better opposition but that win..errrrr i mean loss against lietes threw a monkey wrench in his run and thats the only reason why i would see damian getting a shot before him.....either way, i see both these fighters fighting for a title real soon either against each other or silva

we cant forget about the winner of henderson/bisping.....theres been talk that the winner there gets a shot too....in which case i think henderson, if he wins, deserves a shot more than anybody other than okami.....palhares, franklin, and bisping is a impressive run, more so than the other contenders...plus given his past pedigree i think there is a pretty strong argument there
2/23/09 10:49:18AM
Should be Okami, will be Maia. Okami's got the "Machida Complex" and it'll work against him. Maia has proven to be the real deal and perhaps the one guy currently in UFC who has more than a puncher's chance against Silva.
2/23/09 11:36:06AM
Okami totally he broke his hand that's why COte had to fillin for him
2/23/09 1:56:15PM
okami but when will he be ready with that injured hand so may be maia then okami fight the winner of them.
2/23/09 3:51:20PM
I disagree with everyone who said Okami.

If he hadnt been the guy who won via dq over anderson silva, he wouldnt even be mentioned.

Hes done close to nothing In the UFC thus far in my opinion.
2/23/09 3:59:56PM

Posted by Pookie

I disagree with everyone who said Okami.

If he hadnt been the guy who won via dq over anderson silva, he wouldnt even be mentioned.

Hes done close to nothing In the UFC thus far in my opinion.

agreed 100%. let's break it down by recent wins in the UFC:

Okami: MacDonald, Tanner and Lister (not a single top 10 fighter on that list)

Maia: Herman, MacDonald, Quarry and Sonnen (one of my favorite fighters, but Maia has also not defeated a top 10 MW in the UFC or in his whole career for that matter)

Marquardt: Horn, Leites (i'm counting it...we all know he should have won that fight), Kampmann and Gouveia (maybe one top 10 MW on his list, but his resume is the best out of the ones you mentioned)

i really think the only true contender in the division is the winner of the Hendo Bisping fight. Marquardt is the second best option since TUF once again screwed up the calender for a title, so i chose him from the list. but again, the only person i feel deserves a title shot right now is the winner of the Bisping Hendo fight, or if Franklin comes back down to MW and loses to one of these guys.
2/23/09 4:04:39PM
Id really like to see Marquardt fight Henderson... off topic but it seems like fireworks
2/23/09 5:18:21PM
Hmm i say that Maia just because i wanna see how well Silva will fair with his sick ground game. But i wouldnt mind seeing a rematch with Okami just to shut up the critics of there last fight
2/23/09 5:34:09PM
Maia could leapfrog just because of his finishes.
2/23/09 5:40:47PM
okami is way over due for a shot

but if maia leaps frogs him which he might watch as nate and okami might hook it up
2/23/09 5:48:09PM
robbie lawler
2/23/09 9:26:18PM
Okami should get the next title shot.
2/24/09 12:34:18AM

1: Hendo
2. Marquardt

I say Hendo because he has a couple of good wins in his streak and has put up the most impressive challenge to Silva thus far (sorry Cote fans)

Marquardt probably would have been first but the loss (I also thought he won) but its still a loss.

Mia: He is great but he has not fought a top ten yet and I personaly think he better get this one down FAST or it will be over in the first 30 seconds.

Okami.....I have never really got the hype but what do ya do.
2/24/09 11:56:35AM
okami should get first crack. If his injury's subclued him, then nate has easily deserved his rematch and should be able to step in for okami.
Having blitzing kampman and tko'ing a very underated gouvier, nate's stature is back up there in the title frame for sure.
As for damien maia, i think he needs to face a hendo, okami or franklin before he gets his name in the title frame.
2/24/09 4:12:16PM
Henderson after he beats Bisbing
2/24/09 4:27:21PM
maia deserves it.....5 ufc fights.....5 submission finishes

winner of hendo/bisping should get a shot at the end of the year whoever the champ is at that time.

okami decision, decision, decision, tko, decision, decision- might not ever happen

i'd have to say i'm most impressed with nate tho. he has to be considered one of the most well rounded mma fighters in the game today and his standup has improved so much since his last fight with silva.

2/24/09 7:03:37PM

Posted by higdon10

Henderson after he beats Bisbing

Hendo aint beating bisping, i guarentee it !! Mark these words !!!
2/25/09 8:47:28PM
Yushin Okami vs Nate Marquardt

if i have to choose one Yushin Okami
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