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11/12/07 12:30:15PM
i was thinkin and i wanna see wandy drop to 185 and fight Silva

what do you all think about this fight
11/12/07 12:37:20PM
could he make 185?

i'm not sure how good a fight it'd be i'd rather see silva vs hendo/lawler/kang or filho
11/12/07 12:46:14PM
It seems that Wandy could cut to 185 if he really tried, he is listed on sherdog as 199lbs and 5'11
11/12/07 12:47:27PM
i wanna see GSP go to 185 and fight silva. that would be an amazing fight
11/12/07 12:48:22PM
Are we back on the "who should fight Silva" topic? Lord, I hope not. That's all we talked about on this board for like 2 weeks.

As far as whether or not Wandi is going to drop, he's not. If he beats Chuck, then he's back in the LHW title picture, and he'll stay at 205. If he loses to Chuck, that's his 3rd straight loss, and he doesn't deserve a title shot.

As far as where he goes after his Liddell fight, I have a couple of ideas. If he wins, he could fight either Forrest or Jardine, possibly for a title shot. If he loses, he'll probably fight someone like Michael Bisping (assuming he loses to Evans) or Thiago Silva. So, if he loses he'll most likely fight one of the losers of the two LHW fights at UFC 78.
11/12/07 5:27:55PM

Posted by Canadian_32

i wanna see GSP go to 185 and fight silva. that would be an amazing fight

If Serra did this (look at my av) I don't see GSP having an amazing fight w/ Anderson, rather I would see me having a new av
11/12/07 5:42:13PM
Its a fight id definatly love to see, i think anderson could make 205 easier than wandy could drop to 185. I doubt theyd ever do it at a cach weight , unless wandy becomes as dominant at lhw as anderson is at mw, but that would be a fight i would definatly pay to see.
11/12/07 6:03:56PM
Wandy was heavier then Cro Cop when they fought in the OWGP. I believe he was like 225? I don't know if he could make 185, he's a big guy muscle wise.
11/12/07 6:06:39PM
I think you may have to cut a limb off to get Wanderlei down to 185....... but thats just my opinion....

and I think the winner of Bisping and Evans should face the winner of Liddell and Wanderlei...

or have Wanderlei fight Tito (again) if he wins
11/13/07 9:37:18PM
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