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11/11/08 11:08:10PM
Jonathan Goulet vs. Mike Swick

Goulet comes out aggressive and swings but misses. Swick counters with a body kick, and a couple jabs. Jonathan misses with a high kick. Swick starts to pick Gouelt apart with straight punches and a couple knees with in the clinch. Goulet shoots and they end up clinching. Goulet knees Swick in the middle and then gets the takedown. Swick pulls guard and works for a triangle. Goulet pounds away but gets caught in an armbar. It looks tight but Swick lets it go and they scramble, Swick stands and knees Goulet in the face. Goulet answers with a left hook, but Swick counters with some good kicks to midsection and even a head kick. Swick picks up the pace at the end of the round, connecting with a barrage of strikes. At the :10 seconds mark Goulet catches Swick with a high kick and a right hand that drops Mike. Jonathan pounces on him but Swick gathers himself at the end of the round and hits Goulet with a big elbow from the bottom that opens up a cut on his forehead.
10-9 Swick

Round 2:
Both fighters are cautious and they both exchange kicks. Swick throws a left and a right but are blocked. Swick makes Goulet block with a faked right hand and smacks Swick with a body kick. Mike goes for the body kick again but Goulet catches it and takes Swick down. Swick pushes on Goulet's hips and straightens Jonathan out to sweep, instead Goulet crawls right into a guillotine that makes him tap:

Mike Swick wins via Submission (guillotine choke) 1:24 into the 2nd Round.

Frank Edgar vs. Matt Wiman

Round 1:
Edgar comes out with a big right hand and a high kick thats blocked. Wiman answers back with a leg kick and a good right straight. Edgar throws a left-right combo and shoots around Wiman's legs. Edgar pushes him against the fence and trips Wiman down. Edgar trap an arm and throws punches to Wiman's unprotected head. The ref worns Wiman to improve his position, and eventually down freeing his arm. Edgar has side control and works for a mount. Wiman uses the fence to try to sweep but Edgar goes to the sprawl position and gets Wiman's back. Edgar pounds Matt's head but Wiman stands up and dumps Edgar off of him. They both stand up and exchange good strikes. Wiman with a body kick, and Edgar with some good boxing. At the end of the round Wiman shoots in but Edgar sprawls and pounds the side of Wimans head.
10-9 Edgar

Round 2:
Wiman comes out a little aggressive and throws his hands, Edgar counters with a big left hand that drops Wiman down. Edgar jumps on WIman but gets sweeped on his back. Wiman ends up in the closed guard of Edgar. Wiman works some good elbows in that hurts Edgar. Frank desperately tries to get on top but Wiman keeps him down. Eventually Edgar ties Wiman up and the ref stands them up. Edgar works his boxing some more with some good punches and rocks Wiman at the end of the round with a huge flurry of punches. WIman is against the cage and clinches, Edgar knees Wiman in the body untilt he round ends:
10-9 Edgar

Round 3:
They both come out very cautiously with leg kicks. Edgar goes high and misses, and misses again and again with the high kick. Wiman throws a right that connects and pushes Edgar against the cage. Wiman gets good shots to the body but Edgar switches positions and knees Wiman in the body. Matt catches a knees and backtrips Edgar to the ground. Edgar falls once again on his back and works so stand up. Wiman again keeps him down with some little ground n pound. Edgar pulls a triangle choke out of no where and locks it in. Wiman stands up and twists out of it but this allows Edgar to stand up. On the feet Edgar turns agressive rocking Wiman with a ton of punches. As Frank goes forward Wiman throws a huge knee that drops Edgar to the mat. Wiman pounces on top but can't finish the fight. Wiman relentlessly pounds on Edgar but he moves around and stalls until the fight is over:
10-9 Wiman

Frank Edgar Wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28)

Luigi Fioravanti vs. Brodie Farber

Round 1:
Luigi comes out right away with quick jabs and a leg kick. Brodie misses with a high kick but answers with a straight right. Luigi comes in hard and corners Brodie against the fence and unloads on him. Luigi grabs around Brodie's waist and trips him down. Luigi has Farber smashed against the fence and throws left after left until the ref stops the fight:

Luigi Fioravanti wins via TKO (ref stoppage) :53 into the 1st Round.

Eddie Sanchez vs. Justin McCully

Round 1:
Justin comes out looking sharp with some good strikes. Eddie backs away from Justin taking his time, the crowd boos at Eddie for backing away. Eddie lunges forward with a straight left that drops Justin to the mat. Eddie goes into the guard and pounds on Justin's head but the jiu-jitsu expert recovers himself. In the guard Justin catches Eddie in a triangle that looks tight Eddie pounds his away out of it and postures up and throws some bombs. Justin hits Eddie with an up kick that stuns him, Eddie falls into Justin's guard still rocked. Justin unloads from the bottom of the guard with elbows and punches. Eddie tries to throws back but Justin easily ties his arm up and goes for the finishing armbar to make Eddie tap out:

Justin McCully wins via Submission (armbar) 3:15 into the 1st Round.

Dale Hartt vs. Corey Hill

Round 1:
Corey comes out elusive and works some straight kicks and jabs. Dale looks pretty confident ready to knock Corey out. Corey comes in with a straight jab in the south paw position right as Dale throws an overhand right. Corey crashes down and Dale only needs two punches for the fight to be over:

Dale Hartt wins via KO :27 into the 1st Round.

Johnny Rees vs. Steve Bruno

Round 1:
Rees comes out with a combo that sends Steve to the cage, Bruno takes Rees down and works inside the guard. Steve smacks Rees with an elbow that cuts him right away. Johnny almost has a sercured armbar but Bruno wants the fight back on the feet so he stands up and the fight stands up. Bruno hits Rees with a weak head kick and a straight left to the body. Rees answers back with a series of leg kicks. Bruno throws a left that misses and they clinch. Bruno knees Rees in the stomach. Rees shakes Bruno off and creates some space. Rees connects with a good right hand and a straight kick. Rees gets Bruno backing up with a right hand but Bruno fires back, they exchange. They meet int he middle once more with a big exchange. Bruno drops Rees to his knees but gets back up and connects with a straight right and a big left hook that drops Bruno the mat. Rees jumps on Brunom sercures a mount and pounds his way to victory:

Johnny Rees wins via TKO 3:03 into the 1st Round.

Nate Loughran vs. Tim Credeur

Round 1:
Nate opens the round off with a couple of leg kicks. Tim throws his hands a little bit but nothing connects. Tim attemps a leg kick of his own but Nate catches him with a left and brings Tim down. Nate punches Tim within the guard and even connects with a big elbow. Credeur is cut and attempts several triangle chokes but Nate passes. Nate postures up from side control and throws big hammerfists down. Tim tries to get back up and does but not before Nate lands a good knee to the chest. In the clinch Loughran tries for a judo throws but Credeur keeps his balance. Tim switches Loughran works in several knees to the thigh. The ref splits them apart and they begin in the center of the octagon. Tim throws a head kick but Nate rushes forward knocks Credeur off balance. Nate trips him down and throws big bombs while standing up, the round ends:
Loughran 10-9

Round 2:
This time Tim opens the round off with a head kick and a big left to the body that stuns Nate. Creduer swarms all over Loughran but can't finish him and finds out that he is gassed. Nate picks him apart with jabs and a big leg kick that sends Tim to his knees, Credeur shows a great heart and they exchange but Loughran catches Credeur flush with a flurry of strikes and sends him to the mat face first. Instead of finishing Tim, Loughran gets his back and it only takes 5 seconds for Loughran to sink in the choke for the finish:

Nate Loughran wins via Submission (RNC) 1:55 into the 2nd round.

Ben Saunders vs. Brandon Wolff

Round 1:
They start the fight with a big exchange and both land very hard shots. Wolff sends Ben reeling with a one-two but as Brandon runs in Ben takes him down and dumps him on his head. Ben works some big shots from half guard but Wolff ties him up. Saunder postures up and throws a big right that could've finished the fight had it land flush. Ben passes to side control and works to finish the fight with ground n pound. Brandon gives up his back and Saunders claims it. Sauders unloads with his hooks in but lands several shots to Wolff's backhead. The ref pauses the fight and deducts a point. The fight restarts on the feet. Wolff right away throws a head kick that Saunders catches but drops. Saunders stalks his opponent and unleashes a vicious right hand that drops Wolff against the fence. Saunder goes right for the mount and pounds his way:

Ben Saunders wins via TKO 4:13

Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Round 1:
Josh right away shoots but Zenko sprawls. Josh tries to muscle his way out and Yoshida smacks his head a little bit. Yoshida works for an anaconda choke that he subbed War Machine with but lets it go and stands up. Josh kicks the lead leg a bit but Yoshida connets with a straight left hand that stuns Koscheck. Josh shakes it off and continues to work a couple more leg kicks. Zenko throws a stunning body kick but Koscheck takes him down. Josh throws some good elbows with in the guard and cuts Zenko on his nose. Zenko works for an omoplata and sinks one in, he goes for the finish but sitting up but Josh rolls out of it. Yoshida gains the side control. It is now Yoshida's turn to use the ground and pound but Yoshida instead gets an inverted triangle choke. Yoshida for the submission but for some reason he lets go and stands up. The feet goes to the feet with a big excange. Josh catches Yoshida with a right hand and a head kick. Yoshiyuki fires back with a series of kicks. Yoshida stuns Josh with another straight left but follows up with a right hand and a straight body kick. Yoshida gets a thia clinch and throws big knees and Josh falls down but the round ends:
10-9 Yoshida

Round 2:
Josh is still stunned coming into the seconds round and Yoshida realizes it. Josh then gets his with a spinning back fist and more punches from the Japanese fighter. Josh falls down and Yoshida gains the mount position and throws like crazy. Koschek gives up his back but Zenko pounds with his hooks in to gain the victory:

Yoshiyuki Yoshida wins via TKO :46 into the 2nd Round.

Steve Cantwell vs. Razak Al-Hussan

Round 1:
Cantwell opens the round with a big right hand. Razak fires back with a left and drops Cantwell, Razak gains the mounted position and fires away. Instead of finishing the fight Razak sinks an armbar for the finish:

Razak Al-Hussan wins via :33 into Round 1.
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