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1/22/11 10:49:07AM

i know the hot bout is edwards vs mckenzie at 60-40%

i realized you dont have the mike brown bout nor the chris campuzano vs cariaso bout for the print out companion nor overall pick percentage from the playground members??

just curious if the campuzano bout may be closer than 60% to be the hot bout

1/22/11 11:15:42AM
issue is semi-addrssed here
1/22/11 1:21:20PM
wasnt missing the wagers just the bouts on the my fight companion page
1/22/11 4:28:11PM
Right, but at the end of page it says:

Ok. got this from the programmer.

" At any rate, the missing wager fights should be showing now. I'll have the full fix in effect tomorrow, as it's pretty late here and I've been racking my brain to re-create the programming that facilitates this (which we lost in our server crash )

I have some of your other concerns that I'll be addressing as well tomorrow, so sit tight old buddy."

I assume some of the "other concerns" he mentioned were the campanion, the event stats, etc.
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