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12/5/08 9:09:31AM
It's a little more interesting this time around because alot of fighters are relatively unknown which will make it harder. Ne ways, post um if you got um. I'm gonna go with:

KO- Fioravanti over Farber- Fioravanti's got dynamite hands and farber got KTFO his last fight.

Sub- Bruno over Rees- ATT baby, how could I not say him.

FOTN: Jim Miller vs Matt Wiman- Both are exciting fast-paced fighters. Miller comin in on short notice could be a factor for this, but im really lookin forward to it.
12/5/08 10:21:59AM
Ko= Swick over Goulet

Sub= Laughran over Crueder

Fotn=koscheck and yoshida
12/5/08 12:46:49PM
KO-Cantwell over Al whatever his name is

SOTN-Laughran over Creuder

KOTN-Swick and Goulet

Dont see any real big upsets on this card.
12/5/08 3:08:05PM
KO - Swick over Goulet
SOTN - Miller over Wiman
FOTN - Koscheck over Yoshida in a barn burning decision.
12/5/08 10:51:02PM
kotn i'll go with swick after 3 straight decisions swick will be quick about doing business


bruno over rees

and fight of night either kos vs yoshida or miller vs wiman

upset of the night

al hassim over steve cantwell
12/6/08 12:14:22PM
Koscheck and Yoshida are going to have an amazing fight, but I'm going with Miller/Wiman for FOTN.
12/6/08 2:57:04PM
KO-luigie over farber
SUB-loughran over creuder
FOTN-miller over wiman
12/10/08 6:59:12PM
KOTN: Forivanti over Farber
Sub of Night: Nate Loughran over Tim Cruder
Fight of Night: Koschek vs Yoshida, looks like a sick explosive action packed fight to me. Got Kos winning a UD.

Definitely now that I just looked at it think Cantwell can and will be upset tonight. Just have a feeling
12/13/08 8:40:25PM
All and all one of the best free shows I have seen in awhile. Brutal finishes and super KO's
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