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POLL: Fight Trilogys
Bonnar-Sosynski 14% (3)
Bonnar-Griffin 10% (2)
Stout-Fisher 33% (7)
Machida-Shogun 43% (9)
Royce-Sakuraba 0% (0)
Ortiz-Griffin 0% (0)
7/5/10 10:01:09PM
Because of K SOS and Bonnars recent fights(both of which were amazing) I was wondering which fighter trilogys you would wanna see.
7/5/10 10:13:40PM
The only one on this list I'd care to see would be K-Sos and Bonnar.
7/5/10 10:18:41PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

The only one on this list I'd care to see would be K-Sos and Bonnar.

7/5/10 10:22:50PM
Well, let me qualify my statement.

Bonnar-Sosynski (Epic both times they fought and it's 1-1)
Bonnar-Griffin (What's the point? Griffin beat him both times)
Stout-Fisher (I take it back, this I would love to see as well)
Machida-Shogun (As much of a Machida nuthugger as I am, this is just a bad style match-up for Machida and I hate seeing him lose even though it's only happened once)
Royce-Sakuraba (These two are way too old for me to care about now)
Ortiz-Griffin (I think that Griffin would win again, Ortiz isn't getting younger or healthier)
7/5/10 10:37:59PM
I actually somehow read Stout-Fisher on your post the first time I read it (I think it's because when I voted, both votes were for that fight)...which is what I was agreeing with. I wouldn't be totally opposed to Bonnar-Sosynski though either. The others don't provide a whole lot of interest to me.
7/5/10 10:44:25PM
That's funny, because I completely missed Stout and Fisher being on that list when I made that post which is why I had to take it back.
7/5/10 10:54:46PM
Well, this might monkey-wrench your poll.

Dana said there will be no rubber match for Bonnar and K-Sos. Of course, if Dana is saying it's not going to happen the two will probably be fighting at UFC 117.

7/5/10 11:08:40PM
Sanchez/Koshceck(if that counts as a 3rd fight)
7/6/10 5:23:10PM
Stout vs Fisher all day
Their second fight is my favourite fight to watch, one of the best fights ive ever seen personally
7/10/10 8:46:28PM
I voted for Machida/Rua. Bot can't believe that Mir/Lesnar wasn't even on the list!!?? Also I would love to see Stout/Fisher III Although Specer is on a two fight losing streak!?
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