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2/22/08 11:01:36PM
This was an intense show. To top it all the most intense individual on the show was Doug's trainer. SHE!!!!! thats right i said SHE!!!! was ******* hard. I never thought i would ever say that about a woman(no offense..really) but this woman was a bad ass i hope u guys got to see it.
2/23/08 12:10:13PM
here is the episode in case anyone missed it, great show

2/23/08 1:41:48PM
It's definitely interesting to see a combat fighting style, and compare it to a sport fighting style, which is what we MMA fans are accustomed to seeing. If I had to choose between fighting in a bar brawl against Chuck Liddell or an average Israeli paratrooper, I'd choose Chuck (on the other hand, a Krav Maga fighter would probably be DQ'd in about 3 seconds in an MMA match ).

Krav Maga, for those who don't know, is a martial art developed by the Israeli Defense Force. As bls1919 points out, the IDF is one of the few gender-integrated fighting forces, and I believe the women receive the same training as the men, alongside the men.

One thing that I found interesting in this episode was the instructor's insistence that the guy not go to the ground, which he did somewhat reflexively, because he was an MMA fighter with some BJJ training. It makes sense that, in a combat situation against more than one opponent, you'd want to retain mobility and maneuverability. As she said to him, if she was fighting him and he took the fight to the ground, she would throw sand or dirt in his face to blind him.
2/24/08 5:08:34PM
yeah that episode was awesome... i thought it was really cool how both of them were messed up bad and they just kept pushing... all heart and desire to make it to the finish, thats why i like his show way better then last one standing.
2/24/08 5:34:40PM
That episode was great, I love it everytime I see Doug get his ass kicked.
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