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3/9/11 11:30:19PM
So I'm going to be attending my 1st live UFC event and I have a few questions that might be able to be answered here. My tickets say the event starts at 2:45, I'm wondering if that's when the fights start or if that's when it opens and there's things to do before the event starts? If the fights do start that early I'll be looking to plan the rest of my night accordingly. Hopefully someone has some answers for this UFC live event nooooooob.
3/11/11 5:01:23PM
Its like nothing you have ever experienced before. Have fun. I was at UFC 123 in Detroit. When BJ KO'd Matt Hughes the crowd was booming. Its a great experience.
3/12/11 4:01:04PM
Just picked up mine for the event too
3/13/11 9:04:47PM
I am excited going to my first strikeforce event in san diego next month
Got good seats

And am going to may vegas for ufc

You have fun, take a lot of pics and make sure you have a damm sharpie on you at all times and a hat. You never know who you run into

I ran into royce gracie at the chicago airport
And sat next to diego sanchez on the way back once on a plane flying from columbus ohio.
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