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2/8/09 2:12:45PM

Posted by Shawn91111

Posted by hippysmacker

Posted by hotrodttt

Posted by MMAcca

Posted by hotrodttt

Luigi's clinchwork is gonna be a nightmare for Johnson, Also, I'm taking my account back so hotrodttt's back ! I'm making my own picks now lol

Somebody hack your account ?

No, I was mad at the site and couldn't take it anymore so I gave my account away to a girl I know who's into MMA, and I just recently saw how she has been doing and nobody is gonna do that to my account so I took it back, so now you'll finally see my Picks and not some dumb blonde's lol, and now all of my anger is gone and now I'm ready to Rock baby. Good Luck to everybody Tonight.

If this is true, you need to know not to do it again. Your account is your own and no one elses. It can't be given , passed on, or traded.

What if this girl has an account on here..now she had 2 accounts? Is this not against the rules?

Yes. indeed, anyway finished 7-3 tonight getting my parlay.
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