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3/30/10 6:49:30PM
another fight card ready to go and i am still not over this last weekend

fight of the night gotta go with florian vs gomi
i am very curious to see which gomi shows up?? and how he will handle the cage??

sub of the night jason high over pro vs joes charlie brennan

knock out of the night going with andre winner to light up rafael and have him backing out of the ufc

upset special i got two

siver to beat pearson and struve to use his length, legs to subout roy nelson with a body triangle
anyone with a 11 inch height difference should beat the guy

good night of fights, glad to see another season of tuf come again, tito vs chuck how could you not watch them picker among eachother for the whole season
3/30/10 7:40:40PM
FOTN: florian over gomi
SOTN: Siver over Pearson--only sub I have
KOTN: Quarry over Rivera
3/30/10 7:44:27PM
SOTN- Florian over Gomi
KOTN- Winner over Oliveria
FOTN- Quarry over Rivera
3/30/10 7:50:08PM
FOTN: Quarry over Rivera
STON: Florian over Gomi
KOTN: Brenneman over High
UOTN: Oliveira over Winner
3/30/10 8:47:30PM
SOTN: Florian over Gomi
FOTN: Pearson vs Siver
KOTN: Rivera over Quarry
3/31/10 12:38:49AM
SOTN-Torres over Volkmann
KOTN-Nelson the round mound of pound
3/31/10 1:04:04AM
KO of the night: Quarry over Rivera
Sub of the night: A lot of them I see..I'll stick with Kenflo over Gomi.
Fight of the night: I think it will be Gerald Harris vs Miranda as Harris always has heavy hands with sick slams. Not to mention he's tries to make a name for himself this time around and Miranda wants to make an explosion as the next big thing at 185 so I think both of them will be looking to win big so I think we as the fans will win in this one. WAR HARRIS!!!!
3/31/10 2:22:06AM
KO - Quarry
Sub - Torres
Fight - Pearson/Siver
3/31/10 3:54:16PM
FOTN: Nelson vs. Struve
SOTN: Florian over Gomi
KOTN: Siver over Pearson

Upsets: Mario Miranda over Gerald Harris, and Siver over Pearson
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