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1/27/09 10:41:18PM
Steve Bruno vs. Matt Riddle

Round 1:
Bruno comes out swinging and backs Riddle up with a couple shots that connect, Riddle backs up and blocks most of the punches. Bruno slips on a head kick attempts and Riddle gets on top of and passes to side control Riddle drops elbows and Bruno covers up. The ref gets a close look on Bruno but Riddle pauses the assualt and gets the mount position. Riddle drops huge punches and Bruno bucks but cant get Matt off of him. Riddle gives up his back, Riddle gets a little too high on the body with his hooks and Bruno escapes out the back door. Riddle throws a huge head kick right as Bruno gets up and it connects, Bruno drops to the floor face down. Riddle pounces attacks with a barrage of strikes, Bruno turtles up and the fight is stopped:

Matt Riddle wins via TKO (strikes) 4:17 into the 1st Round.

Luigi Fioravanti vs. Anthony Johnson

Round 1:
Luigi lands a couple leg kicks and Johnson catches one and throws a huge left straight that drops Luigi. Luigi covers up and Johnson throws his legs aside and comes down with a huge elbow, Luige gets up to his knees and stands up away from the Rumble. Johnson carefully steps forward but is blasts by a quick left straight from Luigi who smartly circles away. Fioravanti checks a leg kick and counter with his own body kick, Johnson comes after Luigi with a flurry and clinches with him, soon he throws him to the ground. Johnson passes to half guard and postures up. Johnson drops huge punches and Luigi covers up, Johnson stands up to try throw the legs aside but eats a huge upkick from Luigi. That gives Luigi the time to get up and he does, Luigi presses forward and lands a blocked head kick. Anthony fakes a left hand and smacks Luigi with a big right to the body, Luigi covers up against the fence and the Rumble attacks with a flurry. Luigi drops and Johnson crushes him against the cage, the round expires:
10-9 Johnson

Round 2:
Johnson lands a couple leg kicks and Luigi connects with a two hard punches. Fioravanti lands his own big body punch and this one hurts Johnson bad. The Rumble crumbles and Luigi attacks him and soon get the mount position. Luigi tries to finish the fight but Johnson covers up well. Luigi starts the elbows and loosen Johnson's arms, Anthony is forced to give up his back. Luigi continues to pound away and Johnson is in trouble, Luigi flattens him out and drops more bombs. Luigi gets a little tired and accidently throws two big shots to the back of the head and the ref steps in. Johnson can conintue and the fight restarts on the feet. Johnson lands a big head kick and backs Luigi up with a couple more punches, Luigi swings back and then big body kick. Luigi takes the Rumble down and passes quickly to side control. Luigi slams his elbow into Johnsons' face, Luigi traps Johnson's arm with his legs and drops big elbows. The ref takes a good look and almost stops the fight, but the horn signals the end of the round:
10-9 Fioravanti

Round 3:
Rumble comes out a little cautious, Luigi kicks the lead leg of Johnson but gets blasted by a straight right hand. Luigi drops for another takedown but Johnson smartly sprawls and spins to take the back, Luigi turns towards him and takes him down. Johnson elbows from the bottom, Luigi stays their to catch his breath but the ref stands them up. Luigi continues to kick the lead leg, Rumble changes his stance but continues to stalk Luigi. Johnson, the agresser, finally comes up with something and drops Luigi with a straight left hand. Luigi bounces off the cage but gets back up, Rumble clinches with Luigi and delivers a big knee to the head. Luigi tries to trip Johnson but Rumble has none of it and continues to deliver knees to the ribs and head. Luigi spins and switches Rumble around, Luigi connects with his own knee to the head. Rumble back trips Fioravanti and lands in half guard. Rumble holds Luigi's head and punches it with the hand, Luigi gets one butter fly in and bucks Johnson off balance. Rumble stands up but then comes back down with a huge punch, Luigi's head bounces off the mat and Rumble lands more punches. Rumble stands up and the fight is stood up. Rumble tries to finish Luigi with some big haymakers but eats a couple nice counter shots from Luigi, the round ends:
10-9 Johnson

Anthony Johnson wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28)

Gleison Tibau vs. Rich Clementi

Round 1:
Tibau comes out with a straight kick and right away clinches, Rich muscles him off but eats a nice punch. Clementi barely misses with a haymaker and Tibua clinches with him again. Gleison stays in the clinch for as long as he can but eventually the ref splits them up. Rich misses with a body kick and while off balance he is blasted with a right hand that puts him down. Tibua quickly gains the mount and pounds away, Clementi gives up his back and Tibua flattens him out. Gleison pounds away still but after Clementi almost escaping, he locks in the choke for the veyr quick tapout:

Gleison Tibua wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:32 into the 1st Round.

George Sotiropoulos vs. Matt Grice

Round 1:
George comes out quickly with a couple nice jabs, Grice stays calm while George eats him apart with his jab. George throws a left hook and sets up a takedown, Grice defends the takedown but George pulls it off. Grice gets him to closed guard but George loosens him up with some big shots within the guard. George breaks the legs and passes his guard to side control. Grice flips over and tries to scramble up to his feet but George is too quick and jumps on his back. George locks in the choke quickly, Matt Grice tries to dump George off of him but George stays on and gets the tapout:

George Sitoropoulos wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 2:12 into the 1st Round.

Dan Miller vs. Jake Rosholt

Round 1:
Rosholt runs across the ring and misses with a right overhand but takes Miller down against the cage. Rosholt quickly punches the head but passes to side control, Miller tries to get up to his feet but Rosholt slams him back down. Miller gets him back to closed guard and immedianly locks in a triangle choke. Rosholt postures up and Miller switches it to an omoplata, Jake defends nicely and finally slips his arm out. Miller gets up but eats a good knee from Jake, Miller circles out and away from the cage and lands a head kick. Rosholt misses with a right hook and eats a kene to the body. Rosholt shoots again and takes Miller down with a good run through double leg. Miller sets up an armbar and locks it in, Rosholt stands up and slams Miller and releases the hold. Miller scrambles but Rosholt gets him back down, Rosholt passes to half guard where he does little damage and waits until the round ends:
10-9 Rosholt

Round 2:
Rosholt quickly engages and pumps his jab but is hit with a good body kick from Miller. Miller backs Rosholt off with stiff jab, Rosholt shoots but runs right into a huge knee from Miller. Rosholt practically drops dead and the fight is stopped:

Dan Miller wins via KO (knee) :29 into the 2nd Round.

Kurt Pelligrino vs. Rob Emerson

Round 1:
Kurt comes out with a leg kick, Emerson circles and lands a good straight shot. Kurt kicks the leg some more, Emerson misses with a head kick and Kurt clinches with him. Rob tries to trip him but Pelligrino reverses it and gets behind Emerson. Kurt latches on and drags Emerson to the ground. Emerson rolls over and Kurt is in the side control. Pelligrino lands a couple elbows and opens a medium sized gash on Emerson's eyebrow. Kurt gets the mount and pounds hard, Emerson rolls over to his side and Kurt continues to pound him. Emerson gets up to his knee and Kurt tries to get his hooks in but Emerson escapes and stands up. Kurt blocks a headkick and lands a stiff jab. They feel eachother out and Emerson steps forward, landing a jab. Kurt jumps forward with a flurry and backs Emerson up against the cage. Kurt shoots and with a struggle, places Emerson on his back. Pelligrino passes to half guard and stalls the remaining seconds:
10-9 Pelligrino

Round 2:
Emerson kicks the body, Pelligrino answers with a jab. They exchange a wild flurry and Emerson clips Kurt with a right hook that just barely glances the head, but Kurt stumbles and Emerson comes after him. Emerson attempts to throw the legs aside but Kurt brings them back up and locks in an omoplata. Emerson defends it nicely and slips his arm out, Emerson goes back into the guard but Kurt kicks his hips out and makes Emerson flatten. While Rob tries to get back into the guard, he crawls right into a tight guillotine. Kurt torques it with all his might, Emerson taps once but the ref doesnt see it. Emerson pushes Kurts against the cage and postures up, putting alot of pressure on Pelligrino's neck. Kurt lets go and Emerson stands up and the fight is restarted on the feet. They feel eachother out and Emerson just barely misses with a head kick. Rob lands a superman punch and Kurt swings back, lands a powerful punch to the head of Emerson. Kurt shoots and Rob stuffs the takedown attempt, they clinch. Emerson lands a knee to the body and they round expires:
10-9 Emerson 10-9 Pellirgino 10-9 Emerson

Round 3:
Emerson throws a head kick and stuns Pelligrino with it, Emerson trips Kurt to the ground and pounds away. Pelligrino gets Rob to closed guard but Emerson still rains down big shots, Kurt lands his own inside elbow that opens a gash on Emerson's nose. Rob postures up stands the fight back, smart move. Emerson right away engages and takes it to him. Emerson hunts Pelligrino down and rushes it but Pelligrino kicks him away with a push kick. Kurt circles away and Emerson follows, Rob shoots and Kurt halfway sprawls but his leg is stuck under him and Rob places him on his back. Pelligrino wraps up another guillotine and has it tight under the chin, Kurt sweeps Emerson over and Pelligrino has the guillotine and the mount. Kurt doesnt let go and tries to finish the fight with the guillotine from the mount but cant find enough leverage and he rolls back over to his back and this time it sinks in deeper and Emerson taps before going to sleep:

Kurt Pelligrino wins via Submission (Guillotine) 1:47 into the 1st Round.

Amir Sadollah vs. Nick Catone

Round 1:
Nick comes out pretty quickly and lands a couple shots, Amir stays calm and right away connects with a big body kick. Catone barely misses with a huge right hand and his hit with another kick to the liver. Nick misses with a head kick and while turning back around Sadollah lands the body kick right to the liver and Catone doubles up and crashes. Sadollah cautiously gets on top in half guard and passes to mount. Sadollah pounds away and Catone covers up and gives up his back. Amir works the choke but Catone rolls back over, instead of letting go Amir spins for an armbar. Catone bucks and nicely escapes the armbar, Sadollah gets back on top and settles with side control. Catone tries to hold on to Sadollah but makes the wrong move an Amir locks in an arm triangle choke and passes to the other side, Catone gets up to one hip but tapouts out when the pressure is too much:

Amir Sadollah wins via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke) 3:02 into the 1st Round.

Mac Danzig vs. Josh Neer

Round 1:
Neer comes out with a solid right hand, they clinch in the center of the Octagon and exchange knees. Josh pushes Danzig off of him and rocks him with a right hook, Danzig faces away and eats another right hand, Dazig ducks a punch and drops Neer with an uppercut, Neer falls down and Danzig gains the mount. Danzig pounds away and the fight is quickly stopped when Neer falls unconsious during the barrage of blows:

Mac Danzig wins via KO (Strikes) :51 into the 1st Round

Joe Lauzon vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1:
Lauzon kicks the lead leg and couple times and Stephens misses with a hook. Joe kicks the body and Jeremy blasts him with a left hand but Lauzon counters with an uppercut. Lauzon drops and takes Stephens down. Lauzon passes to half guard and Stephens tries to get up but Lauzon passes to side control and its him with a couple good elbows. Jeremy already has a cut under the eye from one of elbows, Lauzon punches him some more and gets the mount. Stephens looks done but hangs in there, Jeremy gives up his back and Lauzon attempts the RNC. Stephens stands up and tries to dump Joe off of him, Lauzon falls off and onto his back. Lauzon tries for an armbar but Stephens slips out, he thens tries spinning for a leg lock but Jeremy slips out and stands the fight up. Lauzon misses with a leg kick and Stephens backs him with a couple hard shots, Lauzon ducks a knee from Stephens and trips him down with a thud. Jeremy pulls him to full guard but Lauzon quickly passes to half guard, he catches his breathe and waits for the time to tick down:
10-9 Lauzon

Round 2:
Stephens lands a leg kick and Lauzon hits him with some good punches but Stephens blocks them. Lauzon looks a little tired but lands some really good punches. Stephens drops Lauzon with a powerful uppercut and Lauzon looks in a lot of trouble. Stephens hovers over him and drops bombs, the ref almost stops it but Lauzon trips Stephens to the ground with a leg lock attempts. Lauzon sinks in the heel hook and the ref steps in before Stephens could tap out, the hold looked very deep:

Joe Lauzon wins via Technical Submission (Heel hook) 2:14 into the 2nd Round.
1/27/09 10:50:33PM
I'm too lazy to do that, but it looks pretty good.

as far as winners go, I think we have them all the same.

but I am still on teh fence int he Tibau Clementi fight...I really want Tibau to win, but he just seems unfocused, or distracted sometines when he fights..
1/27/09 11:41:33PM
Ok good job on writing all that out I can tell you spent some time on that however Idisagree with a few of your predictions and breakdown. It is tough to gage you due to the fact that your career record is just above .500 and so far this season you are only 6-4 on one of the easier cards to pick the winners.

The fights I think you have accurate at least on the Pelligreno fight I see it being a UD as well. However on the Clementi (32-13 7-4 UFC) and fight I believe you are way off and I am wondering if you know something I don't first off it is a bad matchup for Tibau(15-6 3-3 UFC). He may be a little strogner but Clementi is better at almost all aspects of the game much better striking way more technical at least he punches in bunches and has a great jab with a solid hook overhand combo. His BJJ is a lil better and Tibeau may be a lil better wrestler but the verdict is out on that.

The level of talent that Clementi has fought is much better than Tibau. If you watch Clementi's fights since 1/25//07 he is 7-2 and his only 2 losses were to Roan Carniao and to Gray Maynard. Probably one of the best wrestlers and biggest LW and arguably one of the best at BJJ in the LW division. They were both ud losses and neither one of them could finish him as both went to a u.d. Thia is just my 2 cents also Clementi has fought some of the best LW and WW in the world his resume is loaded with a who's who of mma. Like I said bad match up for Tibau i like Clementi either by U.D or by Sub in round 2.
1/28/09 12:13:16AM
lol....I commend your spirit dude, and I will be impressed if even one of those is similar to the actual outcome.

However, you might wanna fix up that Amir/Catone one since Amir's out becuase of injury (unless he's back in for some reason)
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