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1/29/09 11:22:02PM
Tim McKenzie vs. Aaron Simpson

Round 1:
Simpson comes out and eats a hard right hand from Tim. Simpson kicks the legs but then they clinch against the cage. Tim trips Simpson to the floor and works in half guard. Tim pounds the head a little, he postures up ready to throw a big punch but misses and is pulled back to closed guard. Tim postures up again ready to throw the big punch again but cant find a way in and the ref splits them up and the fight is back up on the feet. Simpson presses forward but eats counter punches, Simpson misses with a wild shot and eats a hard body kick. Simpson fires back with a couple shots that back McKenzie up, Tim misses with another body kick and Simpson clinches with him. Simpson connects with a knee and Tim shrugs him off, they exchange and Simpson lands a big right straight that makes Tim stumble back. Simpson cautiously presses forward, Aaron misses with a head kick and Tim shoots and takes him down. Tim stays in the guard and rides the round out:
10-9 McKenzie

Round 2:
Simpson tries to engage in the exchanging again but McKenzie connects with a flush hard straight to jaw. Simpson stumbles and McKenzie comes after him, Simpson tries to clinch but stumbles into a knee to the jaw. McKenzie attacks him with a barrage of punches and Simpson drops, Tim gets on top and pounds away. Simpson gets up but his hit with a head kick that puts him down again. Simpson turtles up and McKenzie punches him until the fight is stopped:

Tim McKenzie wins via TKO (strikes) 1:19 into the 2nd Round.

Steve Steinbeiss vs. Ryan Jensen

Round 1:
They feel eachother out for a while and engage in a couple leg kicks. Jensen is the first one to land a punch and it lands flush. Steve fires back to keep Jensen away but Ryan carefully presses forward. Ryan knocks him with a right hand against the temple, Steve covers up against the cage and Jensen knocks him down with an uppercut. Steinbeiss tries to pull off a desperate takedown but Jensen gets his back and sinks in his hooks. Jensen pounds away and forgets about going for the choke. Steinbeiss rolls over on his side and Jensen punches him until Steve's arms give out and the fight is stopped:

Ryan Jensen wins via Tko (strikes) :57 into the 1st Round.

Ronny Torres vs. Melvin Guillard

Round 1:
Guillard engages quickly with a flurry and backs Torres up, Torres throws a push kick but cant keep Melvin back. Guillard explodes with a flurry and clinches. Melvin backs up and tries to get a thia clinch but Torres keeps too close to him. Ronny puts Melvin against the cage but quickly Guillar backs away and fires shots. Torres blocks most of them and lands a head kick but doesnt seem to effect Guillar at all. Melvin presses forward again with a couple jabs, Torres lands a big body kick and Melvin clinches again. Guillard conncets with a good knee to the body and puts Torres against the cage. Ronny punches the ribs and works for a trip but Guillar defends it and pushes Torres away. Torres ducks his head and swings, he connects with a good right hand but Guillar backs away and makes Ronny miss. Guillard throws a big overhand left to the body and drops Torres, Guillard tries to throw the legs aside and gets a side control but Torres turns nicely and places Guillard in his full guard. At the end of the round Torres locks in a nice triangle choke and has it very deep, Guillard thinks about tapping with a couple seconds left but hangs on:
10-9 Guillard

Round 2:
Guillard tries to feel Torres out a bit, Torres lands another push kick and Guillard drops him with a left-right hook combo. Torres spins for a heel hook but Guillard backs up and stands the fight back up. Torres tries to engage but eats a couple shots, Torres takes a big step back and drops his hands. Guillard misses with a wild right hand and Torres clinches with Melvin. Guillard throws Torres to the ground and works from side control. Melvin lands a bunch of elbows and opens a cut on Torres' head. Ronny uses the cage and applies another triangle choke from the bottom in side control. Guillard gets up and Torres turns it into an armbar but its sloppy and loose, Melvin escapes and stands the fight back up. Torres rocks Guillard with a head kick right away and Melvin looks a ltitle wobbely, Torres tries to clinch and knee but Guillard is too strong and controls the clinch game. Torres works for a trip but Guillard muscles out of it and shrugs him off, they feel eachother out until the round ends:
10-9 Guillard

Round 3:
Torres looks gasses and Melvin looks a little tired to. Guillard kicks the leg and Torres' hands are clear down low. Melvin punches the head many times and Torres turns away but doesnt bring his hands up to defend. Torres backs up against the cage and finally covers up, but Melvin explodes with everything and drops Ronny with his flurry. Torres turtles up and Melvin punches through his arms. Torres turns and tries for a takedown but Guillard sprawls and spins to take his back. Ronny turns onto his back keeps rolling and sweeps Guillard in his back. Ronny passes to half guard and lays there, Guillard punches him from the bottom and eventually gets up to his feet leaving Torres on the ground. Guillard calls him back and attacks him right away, Ronny practically falls to the ground on his takedown attempts and Guillard takes his back. Melvin sinks in his hooks and tries for the rnc, Torres atleast defends it well and Guillard is forced to pound away from the back mount. Torres has a lot of heart and hangs in there until the end of the round:
10-8 Guillard

Melvin Guillard wins via Unanimous Decision (30-26)

Matt Horwich vs. Ricardo Almeida

Round 1:
Almeida slips on a head kick attempt and Horwich gets on top, he tries to jump over his legs for a mount but Ricardo grabs a hold of Matt's leg and looks for the heel hook. Horwich tries to get up but trips and falls down, Almeida locks in the heel hook and Matt taps out:

Ricardo Almeida wins via Submission (Heel Hook) :34 into the 1st Round.

Tyson Griffin vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Round 1:
Griffin lands a leg kick and a nice right hand. Tyson fakes a left hook and connects with a big right straight. Rafael shoots and Griffin easily stuffs it, they both stand up and Rafael lands a big knee to the jaw of Griffin. Griffin absorbs the blow and fires back with some nice punches. Dos Anjos backs up and land a couple leg kicks, Tyson catches the heel of one of Rafael's kicks and trips him to the ground. Griffin gets on top in butterfly guard and lands some big punches there. Dos Anjos holds onto the head and gets him to closed guard, Griffin tries to stand up but Anjos holds him down. Griffin lands a nice elbow on the ground and Anjos pulls rubber guard. Anjos goes for the omoplata and actually has a nice attempts, but Griffin spins out and slips is arm out of the hold, Griffin stands the fight up. Dos Anjos misses a head kick and Griffin ducks his and throws. Rafaels backs up against the cage to dodge the flurry and Griffin gets ahold of him and slams him to the ground. Griffin stays in closed guard and fends off an armbar attempts and the round ends:
10-9 Griffin

Round 2:
Dos Anjos surprisingly starts the round off with a flury of punches that stun Griffin, Griffin backs up and times the takedown just right. Griffin passes to hlaf guard and tries to to pass to side control but Dos Anjos slips out from under him and gets ahold of Griffin. They both stand up and exchange knees to the body, Dos Anjos buckles Griffin with a knee to the stomach. Griffin drops to his knees and right away Rafael spins to take the back but is stuck half throught the process and Griffin picks him up over his shoulders. Griffin slams him down on his head and Rafael looks knock out, Griffin postures up and wakes him up with a big elbow that opens a gash over his eye. Griffin gets the mount and pounds him with huge ground and pound, Rafael covers up but cant do anything and the fight is stopped:

Tyson Griffin wins via TKO (strikes) 1:04 into the 2nd Round.

Junie Browning vs. Cole Miller

Round 1:
Miller comes out with a body kick and Browning stuns him with a nice right hand. Miller backs up and dodges a right hook from Junie, Miller lands another nice body kick and Junie clinches with him. Junie connects with a nice left hand over the top that buckles Miller's legs. Browning follows up with a flurry to the body and Miller tries to strike back but Junie backs away. Cole misses with a head kick and Browning shoots and clinches again with him. Miller barely misses with a knee and Junie takes Miller down. Immediantly Miller looks for a triangle but Browning passes to side control, Junie postures up and delivers a series of strikes that make Miller cover up. Miller rolls over and gets up to his knees, he stands up and Junie follows him. Browning keeps the pressure on him and lands a flurry to back of the head as Miller was turned around, the fight was paused and Browning was deducted a point and the fight continued. Junie lands a leg kick and Millers times a shot, Browning tries to sprawl but his foot is stuck under him and is forced onto his back, the round ends:
9-9 Browning

Round 2:
Junie comes out with some more punches right away and Miller keeps him away with a stunning body kick. Junie ducks a right hand and knocks him down with a left uppercut. Miller buckles and Junie pounces on him hitting him with lot of punches, Miller gives up his back and Junie gets the back mount. Miller covers up and Junie flattens him out, Browning pounds away until Cole has had enough and taps out:

Junie Browning wins via Submission (Strikes) 1:29 into the 2nd Round.

Martin Kampmann vs. Carlos Condit

Round 1:
Martin lands a series of jabs and Condit fires back but doesnt land anything. Martin prances around and finds his range, Carlos misses with a body kick and Kampmann smacks him with a right hand that knocks Condit off balance. Kampmann urges forward and Condit shoots and takes Kampmann down. Martin gets him in his closed guard and lands nice elbows from the bottom, Carlos postures up but punches the mat. Kampmann kicks Carlos away and the fight is stood back up. Condit swings wildly but misses, Martin moves around and lands a couple more small shots. Condit connects with a wild right hand and backs Kampmann up, Carlos comes after him with a flying knee and it knocks Kampmann down. Condit tries to capitalize but Kampmann regains his posture and holds him in his guard, at the end of the round Kampmann attempts an arm-triangle choke from the bottom, he locks it in but doesnt have enough leverage to finish the fight but it counts as points:
10-9 Kampmann 10-9 Condit 10-9 Kampmann

Round 2:
Kampmann lands a kick to the shoulder, Condit comes after him with a right hook-left uppercut and knocks Kampmann against the cage. Martin clinches with Condit and lands a nice knee to the body, Condit shrugs him off and comes at him with a flurry. Kampmann backs up and backpedals, Condit swings wildy but misses. Carlos fakes a right hand and shoots, Kampmann shrugs it off and lands a nice knee to the head. Condit backs away and misses with a slow right hand, Kampmann dodges it and blasts him with a three consecutive shots. Condit takes a step back and Kampmann knocks him down with a big knee to the body. Condit continues his momentum on the ground and flips Kampmann off of him. Martin tries to get but Condit holds him down, he passes to side control. Martin holds onto Condit but Carlos postures up and pounds wildy. Martin covers up and Condit takes the back mount for a moment but Martin escapes through the back door. They exchange and Martin lands a nice right straight to face, Condit lands a series of leg kicks and a couple punches. They exchange wildy in the middle of Octagon before the round ends:
10-9 Kampmann 10-9 Condit 10-9 Condit

Round 3:
Kampmann lands a knee to the body and Condit swings with a hard overhand right to the head that conncets. Martin push kicks his opponent and they clinch, Martin pushes him against cage and knees him in the body. Carlos lands a head kick and Martin backs up and counters Condit with a series of big shots that knock him down. Condit shoots on the ground and Martin sprawls, Martin spins and takes his back. Condit covers up and lays there, Martin takes lots of time to pounds him away but Kampmann works for the choke. Condit defends it very well but Kampmann smacks him with lots of punches to ear and Kampmann sinks in the choke for the tapout:

Martin Kampmann wins via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) 3:03 into the 3rd Round.

Carmelo Marrero vs. Ryan Bader

Round 1:
They stalk eachother for about a minute and the crowd boos the inactiveness. Eventually Bader drops Marrero with a right straight and Marrero looks in trouble. Bader pounds him from the full guard, Marrero ties him up and they stall until ref splits them up. Bader and Marrero exchange punches and Bader gets the better of it, Carmelo lands a head kick but Bader shrugs it off. Marrero shoots and Bader stuffs the attempt, they exchange knees and Marrero muscles him against the cage. They exchange more knees and Bader lands another right hand, Carmelo lands a couple body kicks. Bader catches one and puts him on the ground, Bader passes to half guard and they stall the rest of the round, very boring round:
10-9 Bader

Round 2:
Bader comes out swinging and Marrero backs up. Bader clinches and they exchange some more knees to the body, Marrero shrugs him off with a left hand to the jaw. Bader steps forward with a couple jabs, Marrero throws a head kick and it lands flush on Baders head, Ryan drops to ground. Marrero hovers over him and pounds him with an elbow, Marrero gets his knee on Ryan's belly and Marrero punches Bader in the head. Bader tries to roll over but only gets up to his side, Marrero tries to lock in an arm-triangle choke but loses it. Marrero gets ahold of Baders arm and falls back for an armbar, Carmelo has it tight but Bader resists tapping. Marrero bends Ryan's arm backs even farther and Bader forces only three taps:

Carmelo Marrero wins via Submission (Armbar) 2:44 into the 2nd Round.

Efrain Escudero vs. Jeremy Stephens

Round 1:
They stalk eachother and exchange a couple punches. Efrain lands a couple nice jabs and Stephens explodes after him. Jeremy knocks him down with an over hand right, Jeremy tries to pass the legs aside but Efrain transitions him right into a tight guillotine and gets him back to closed guard. The guillotine is very tight and Efrain rolls him over on to his back, Escudero releases the choke hold and comes down with a huge elbow that knocks Stephens out unconscious and the fight is stopped:

Efrain Escudero wins via KO (elbow) 1:09 into the 1st Round.
1/30/09 8:29:02PM
All I have to say is WOW! That had to have taken forever to write. I'll be honest I didn't read it all but a little advise........make em shorter so people WILL read then reply.
1/31/09 3:34:17AM
If this actually plays out exactly as you described, I may start believing in God again. Or the occult. Preferably not using a Ouija board, because that would take forever.
1/31/09 7:33:49AM
Sometimes I wonder if these are the actual picks he makes for fights...that's not always the best thing to do here. Hint hint.
1/31/09 12:42:48PM
I asmire you for writing so much about these fights but I disagree with every single one of your main event fights except Kampmann.
1/31/09 12:52:32PM
ill read this and reply in a few weeks when its relevent........how anyone can even think of any fights 3 months away when ufc 94 is TODAY amazes me
1/31/09 1:06:46PM
Good point. Actually it's only 2 months, but still...and there's always the chance a few fights will change.
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