ufc 87 and fight night main cards are now set!!

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6/30/08 12:09:06PM
according to mmaweekly.com
looks like the ufc will be going back to a 9 fight card,
fight night might have 10 if jesse taylor does fight
but as of right now

fight night will have 4 fights aired on tv

silva vs irvin
vera vs reese
burns vs johnson
edgar vs franca

looks like cain vs jake won't make it, and if they do wind up adding another fight to the live card it would be jesse taylor fight, might be two hour event, but i do think another fight or prelim will be aired

as for ufc 87

main card looks like this

gsp vs fitch
herring vs lesnar
florian vs huerta
mcdonald vs maia
gamburyen vs emerson

yes emerson fight will be on a mian card??
don't know why was hoping kongo would be on it, or at least wilson vs bruno match. looks like 87 will be 9 fights being that the rumored karo match will be in sept, edgar vs franca moved to july and danzig vs guida fight in sept main event for fight night, prelims are

mccory vs cummo
sauders vs j roc
wilson vs bruno
kongo vs evenson
6/30/08 12:28:04PM
yea sucks emmerson vs Gamburyan are on the main Card, It would have been Franca Vs edgar if it hadnt been moved to the july 19th figth Night....But cant complain cus now we get to see it for free.....But the UFC should put Kongo in the main card, Not a good fight but at least it will probably be a nice KO for Kongo, and everyone (casual fans) like to see some heavys go at it.
6/30/08 12:32:12PM
You forgot one prelim for 87-Tomasz Drwal vs. Andre Gusmao. ufc.com has already confirmed that one.
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