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2/11/09 8:14:12PM
I don't know about anyone else here, and this isn't exactly mind blowing, but it really threw me off watching last weeks UFC Fight Night Live from back in 2006.

It was a strange feeling watching the event. One thing being that they were showing a bunch of the contenders that had washed out and been cut from the roster.

But other than that, while I was watching, I realized the level of sponsorship. I was so accustomed to seeing UFC newbies decked top to bottom with sponsors on their trunks, and a lot of these guys only had one or two. No banners, no really major center sponsor on the canvas, and I don't remember, but they might have even had the semi open palms with the tiny strip of leather under the thumb.

It's so weird looking back 3 years or so and realizing that the show looks 10 to 15 years older. I mean, I'm nastalgic toward something from 3 years ago. That's odd.

Anyone else have any input?
2/12/09 6:46:13AM
3 years ago puts it back around the early days of TUF, and it really wasn't until season 3 or so that UFC really began to take off as a result because TUF started introducing us to all the talent beyond guys like Liddell, Couture, Ortiz, and Hughes. That was even before I started watching-I didn't get on board until just before UFC 57.
2/13/09 5:23:24PM
I was watching that too, and even though I didn't notice the ads or anything, what I did notice was how much smaller the venue was for fight nights back then compared to now. The crowd looked tiny.
2/15/09 6:24:38PM
yeah all the Fight Nights were at "The Joint" at the hard rock. Now they will all be at bigger venues. As for the Ads.....what can you say. Its hard to bash a fighter for trying to make money. A lot of these guys dont get AA money and need the sponserships to get them through. As long as they keep it to the shorts I don't care. I hated....i mean ABSOLUTLY HATED when boxing stars were doing the temporary tattoo thing. Hopfully it never happens in MMA
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