UFC Fight Night 11: Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres

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7/26/07 11:21:39AM
Gray Maynard (2-0) — lightweight semifinalist from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 — will return to the Octagon against UFC newcomer Joe Veres (4-1) at UFC Fight Night 11 on September 19, according to the rumors section of MMAWeekly.com.

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7/26/07 2:38:05PM
Maynard via Tko
7/26/07 3:06:36PM
I am not sold on Maynard's MMA skills yet. Sure, he's a great wrestler, but he hasn't shown that he can make the transition to MMA. He's got the takedown and then doesn't do much with it. His striking is awkward and he has very little sub game (def or off). I would think, being with Couture, he would be better by now, but he still looks like a pure wrestler. He was able to neutralize a striker in Emerson, but he can't beat a grappler to save his life. His wrestling instincts are strong and normally that would be good, but not in this case. I imagine his fights will be very similar to Pete Spratt’s fights. He might be winning, he might even be dominating, but the fight will even early because he can’t defend a sub. I don’t know the style of fighter that Veres is, but if they he has a brown belt in BJJ then my money is on him. If he is closer to a pure striker then Gray will take it by UD or early TKO.
7/26/07 3:24:08PM
Gray Maynard may have a few holes in his game, but he is, to quote Joe Rogan, "no slouch." He could easily have won TUF. He still has some work to do, but against the lower end of the food chain, he shouldn't have much of a problem. I call a Maynard win 2nd round, via GnP.
7/26/07 3:26:16PM
He's alright. He'll win.
7/26/07 7:48:30PM
Where is Corey Hill??
7/26/07 7:57:11PM
would deff like to see his skills get better with those takedowns
7/26/07 8:16:27PM
i think he showed huge amounts of improvement from his fights on TUF and when he fought emerson. his stand up looked a little wild but im sure it will improve greatly. his wrestling is great and he got submitted by nate diaz who has a great sub game. i see him being a huge threat in the future with just a little more training to wrap up his mma game,
7/26/07 11:57:12PM

Posted by StevieC

Where is Corey Hill??

hes been injured and im takin gray in this forsure.
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