UFC Fight Night 17 Draws 7,596 For $428K Live Gate

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2/8/09 2:52:00AM
Saturday's "UFC Fight Night 17: Lauzon vs. Stephens" event scored 7,596 attendees at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, Fla.

The near-soldout crowd accounted for a live gate of approximately $428,000.

The Feb. 7 event, which was the UFC's first-ever trip to Tampa, aired on Spike TV and featured Joe Lauzon's submission victory over Jeremy Stephens in the night's main event.

While the UFC's "Fight Night" events are traditionally held in smaller venues, such as those at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and The Palms in Las Vegas, UFC Fight Night 17 stuck with a recent trend of hosting the shows in larger venues.

2/8/09 2:28:25PM
I guess will continue to be held in larger venues, cause the next Fight Night is held in Nashville.
2/8/09 8:13:34PM
Damn i would have geuss way over the 7500 mark for the crowd. I would geuss that they lost money on that one. Does Spike pay the UFC to have them aired on their channel? Might be a retarded ? but do they?
2/8/09 9:13:12PM
I went to this event and yea alot of seats were open it seemed and alot of people didnt show up. We got our tickets very early and the guys sitting behind us bought nosebleed seats and just moved down and sat there the whole event.

I must say though this event was great live. The fights all were exciting and the fighters were great. Miguel Torres was walking around taking pictures and stuff and the winning fighters walked around the arena after they won and gave fans pictures and hi fives. Pretty amazing event.
2/8/09 10:39:48PM
I park my car at the Sun Dome twice a week to go to classes. I had no idea what the seating capacity of it was until this thread.

I should have gone to this event. I skipped it for miscellaneous reasons, and I totally regret missing it.
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