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3/14/13 3:49:44PM
MONTREAL – All of the UFC traditional fight-night bonuses – for "Knockout of the Night," "Submission of the Night" and "Fight of the Night" – now will result in checks for $50,000.

That's the word from UFC President Dana White, who confirmed the recent $50,000 awards will be the standard amount. That includes this weekend's UFC 158 event at Montreal's Bell Centre.

"It was only fair," White told (

3/14/13 4:23:48PM
That's a nice chunk of change. Its like winning the lottery for the guys making under $10,000 a fight
3/15/13 2:52:47AM
3/15/13 3:52:09AM
Makes sense, some show's getting 35,000 PPV's getting 65,000 was getting confusing.good to have a constant 50,000.
3/15/13 9:05:18AM
Fitch wouldn't have been too expensive if this was implemented last year