Why is there only fight of the night?

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1/3/10 1:26:52AM
Why dont they have fight of the night and something along long the lines of performance of the night. For example on this last card, Sam Stout put on a stand up clinic on Joe Lauzon and they won fight of the night. Now I'm not knockin Joe Lauzon, He had chances to win but as far as stand up it was all Stout. And I dont think it was anywhere near fight of the night. But as far as performance wise, Sam Stout put on the best one. So yeah, I just think they should have fight of the night and a performance of the night. Please let me know what you guys are thinking?
1/3/10 11:09:20AM
I agree a near one sided beat down should not win fight of the night.
1/3/10 11:26:21AM
I somewhat agree but the fact that Lauzon remained relentless and continously pressed forward after being beaten up deserves to be awarded for his heart.
1/8/10 6:25:21PM
I would have given FOTN to Evans v Silva. A performance of the night is a good idea, but my choice wouldnt have been Stout ( even though he had a great performance), I would have picked Daley for his KO over Hazelett.
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