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3/26/11 11:08:39PM
There have been 5 subs (technically) so far tonight...most in quite some time.
3/26/11 11:15:42PM
Weird the next event is in 34 days, seems long now a days.
3/26/11 11:26:35PM
So far, this is how I saw this fight goes. Johnson with his wrestling.
3/26/11 11:31:40PM
Hmmmm, this fight is not going at all like I thought it would.
3/26/11 11:34:32PM
Johnson better not finish this fight, because I need the 22 pts for a Johnson UD.

Oh yeah, 22 pts. Exactly like how I saw it going.
3/26/11 11:38:00PM
22 Points!
3/26/11 11:40:08PM
Just noticed something...the bankroll reset, but the season record did not.
3/26/11 11:49:10PM
They should have matched up Davis vs Johnson.

They're in the same weight class, right?
3/26/11 11:50:24PM
Is it just me, or is Buffer more hopped up than usual tonight? It is amazing IMO
3/26/11 11:53:59PM

Posted by Drudinh

Is it just me, or is Buffer more hopped up than usual tonight? It is amazing IMO

Prolly hopped up on Seattle coffee.
3/26/11 11:55:28PM
When do we start chanting USA, USA, USA?
3/26/11 11:56:07PM
Round 1 10-9 Lil Nog
3/26/11 11:59:30PM
I think I have Nog winning so far
3/27/11 12:02:44AM
Even going into the third, Davis has momentum
3/27/11 12:03:07AM
Close first round...I gave it to Davis slightly. And he just took the second in my books. Lil nog needs a finish in my eyes.
3/27/11 12:07:34AM
I might have just doubled my points with just these last two fights for this event.
3/27/11 12:10:23AM
Rogerio gassed, Davis just too strong from the top, I think Lil Nog found some major whole in Davis's stand-up. Davis looked good but he is possibly even more raw than he has seemed in the past.
3/27/11 12:12:06AM
Great test for Davis. Come through it but not with flying colours. But it shows where he is in the division imo.
3/27/11 12:16:18AM
Great night of fights, and great night for my picks. I only picked the Madsen and Garcia fight wrong.
3/27/11 12:20:32AM
I finished with 92 points.
3/27/11 9:44:55PM
That was a fun card to watch live, the crowd was goin' nuts during McDonald/Figueroa. Getting to see Jung finish with the Twister was sweet too. Overall a very enjoyable weekend, seeing Joe Rogan's show the night before. Oh and there were 2 pretty good fights in the crowd as well...
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