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2/4/11 12:06:46AM
Hey guys,

How long do you think it would take to become a MMA fighter. I just started private lessons and was wondering how long it takes the average person to make it. I am a bodybuilder so I have a good foundation. What do you guys think?

Also I am writing a blog about my journey from my decision to do MMA to my first fight. Contact me if interested in reading it as I know it is not allowed to post links.

3/26/11 1:03:50AM
Well you could always look for a gym in your area. Start off we an amateur fight. There are always TONS of amateur events. THIS should help http://www.iscfmma.com/ OH & THIS.. www.matbattle.com
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4/21/11 2:23:15PM
Forget bodybuilding... CARDIO CARDIO..... At least 9 months training before an ammy fight IMO...
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