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9/7/08 6:12:44PM
I'm a reader of Fight! magazine monthly and i love it. But it appears that they have a cover curse. It goes pretty far too.

Brock Lesnar on cover - lost to Mir

Dan Henderson on cover - lost to Silva

Jens Pulver on cover - lost to Faber

Rampage Jackson on cover - lost to Griffin

Roger Huerta on cover - lost to Florian

and now Chuck Liddell on cover - lost to Evans

those are 6 out of the last 7 covers (the other was gsp b4 serra)

9/7/08 6:44:22PM
I knew there was a reason I was getting all of these picks wrong. We have to shut down this magazine, Right Now!!!
9/7/08 6:45:14PM
lol wow i never noticed that. god i hope they put lesnar on the cover again lol jk
9/7/08 8:38:17PM
keep your fingers crossed that evans gets the cover next!
9/8/08 10:37:42AM
Sounds like the Madden Curse.
9/8/08 11:13:34AM
you know I noticed thatalmost every fighter that was on UFC all acess always seemed to lose the fight
9/8/08 11:15:25AM
I ordered the magazine like four weeks ago and still haven't got my issue... I'm kind of getting frustrated, I know it takes a while to get the subscription filed but come on I want my magazine.
9/8/08 2:18:17PM
I've had a subscription since the first issue..I havent had any troubles.
Although they put your info sticker in the worst possible spots on the cover.Luckily you can peel them off.
9/8/08 3:16:20PM
haha this proves GSP is that dam good
9/9/08 5:49:31PM
kindly remind me of this when the next issue comes out please
10/15/08 5:59:56AM
Barnett is on the cover i think now.
10/15/08 11:22:09AM
yup barnett i have it whos he fighting next
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