which fight are looking most forward to in ufc 84 from the big three

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5/5/08 9:28:58PM

Posted by Ben_Hutch

Posted by atlas777

Posted by bigbubbano23

def bj vs sherk this is gonna be crazy i can already see myself runnig around the tv screaming

sherk is going to make me or break me i put all my money on him

I did that with Houston Alexander at Fight Night 13, he broke me.......bad times lol

im just hoping i have better luck than that, no offense
5/21/08 4:16:07PM
all three are going to be great, jardine/silva is very hard to pick so I really cant wait to see that one.
5/21/08 6:53:34PM
for me its the penn/shark fight i cant wait and my wife is also waiting for that fight
5/22/08 7:53:03AM
Wanderlei Silva Vs Jardine is the fight I am lookuing forward to. My favorite MMA fighter Keith Jardine should finish Silva up and hten go againts maybe Vs Ortiz.
5/22/08 9:34:45AM
the sherk/penn and tito/machida fights both have really good subplots and that makes them even more interesting to those of us that are die hard fans, but the one that seems like its going to be most exciting to me is hands down silva/jardine. if silva loses it almost guarantees a move to MW and if he wins it gets him closer to another fight with liddell or rampage and id would love to see either off those matchups within the next year or so. jardine winning makes him the #1 contender in my eyes after forrest gets his shot. sure machida is there too and with a win he has a strong case, but if jardine wins hes beaten the two most dominant former champs from the rise of mma into mainstream and thats worth something. this event is going to kick off a nice few weeks for mma fans and i for one cant wait.
5/22/08 11:32:57AM
Jardine vs Silva is going to be one hell of a war.
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