Which fight are you looking forward to the most at 129?

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POLL: Which fight are you looking forward to?
George St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields 32% (14)
Jose Aldo vs. Mark Hominick 27% (12)
Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida 25% (11)
Vladimir Matyushenko vs. Jason Brilz 2% (1)
Mark Bocek vs. Ben Henderson 9% (4)
Other (Prelims) 5% (2)
4/24/11 12:39:31PM
With UFC 129 less then a week away, I'm wondering which fights you guys are looking forward to the most!

4/24/11 1:12:30PM
Jose + The Machine
4/24/11 1:23:27PM
Other than the obvious GSP/Shields, i'm really looking forward to Roberts/Patrick and Diaz/MacDonald. I see a lot of potential in both Roberts and MacDonald.
4/24/11 1:31:48PM
4/24/11 1:37:07PM
It's tough to pick just one fight. I have a few fights that stand out above the others though.

GSP vs. Shields - This is another title fight that at the beginning when it was announced I was saying GSP by a dominant decision by Shields had nothing to offer him. The ufc and the forums have once again made another fight that should be one sided into an exciting fight that could go either way. I still like GSP by decision but I'm excited to see the fight now.

Aldo vs. Hominick - Saying a fighter is underrated is really over used in mma, but Hominick is underrated. This kid is very well rounded with excellent and efficient striking and he's great off his back. People are writing him off and I completely understand why but I think this fight will be more competitive than most people think. I'm taking Aldo by decision only because his striking is so quick and precise that I think he'll be able to dictate the fight.

Bendo vs. Bocek - This fight is unbelievably close in my mind. This is where we see if Bendo is legit. Bocek is no joke and has all the tools to be able to submit Bendo. Bendo is tough though and he's going to be hard to submit. I've got him winning a decision.

Diaz vs. MacDonald - This is another coin flip fight in my opinion. MacDonald showed me two things in his last fight. One day he's going to be elite and right now he's not ready for the big fights. Diaz is a much better opponent for him right now. Diaz is very well rounded and could definitely win this fight in the later rounds but I think MacDonald will pull out the decision.

There isn't a fight on this card that I'm not excited for. I can't wait to see it.
4/24/11 3:00:35PM
Every stinking one
4/24/11 4:45:23PM
Looking forward to couture last fight

And diaz vs waterboy
4/24/11 5:18:25PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Every stinking one

4/24/11 5:51:56PM
alot of good ones to choose from. But seeing this is Randy's last fight. I might not get what i want but I would love to see him shock the mma world one more time. After all he has made a career out of doing just that!!
4/24/11 5:57:46PM
Couture I actually think he can win this with the clinch and Lyoto has to rethink his style of running and countering looks bad in the judges eyes...
4/24/11 11:45:56PM
Couture - Machida for sure ... Randy is the Man ... think he'll retire ?
4/25/11 12:39:18AM

Posted by LIDDELL1990

Couture - Machida for sure ... Randy is the Man ... think he'll retire ?

I can tell you and i will get along your pic is my favorite fighter , Your a Randy fan and my son was born in 1990 hell ya
4/25/11 3:46:44AM
Sheilds subbing GSP is what i'm looking foward to most.
4/25/11 11:09:33AM
Rory vs Nate, i think this is going to be a war!
4/25/11 11:22:04AM


4/25/11 11:40:40AM

Posted by Lesnar1

Sheilds subbing GSP is what i'm looking foward to most.

You might want to take a few grams of shrooms an hour before the fight then since you won't ever see that sober.
4/25/11 12:15:58PM
I actually think that GSP vs Shields is going to be very similar to GSP vs Fitch.....the total domination of a one faceted fighter by the great Champion. I am interested to see if Randy's chin is going to hold up to Lyoto's striking, however I doubt it. Bocek will hopefully put on another performance that shows his guts, but he's probably outclassed here again. Diaz vs MacDonald should be a great ground fight....and the late addition of Jake Ellenberger has the chance of ending in a GNP finish as well.
So though I picked Couture vs Machida, I think this event has a lot to offer even the most casual of fans and should be a great one for us to watch as well.
4/25/11 12:30:26PM
Mark and Jose
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