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3/6/07 9:09:21PM
Anything is possible.

That's what Nate Quarry believes.

But his mind wasn't always so big, so able to grasp the larger complexities in life that he sees today. Because life, it's often dictated by those around us.

3/6/07 10:10:18PM
Good article. He most definitely wasn't ready for Rich Franklin, but I believe he has a lot of potential.
3/7/07 12:12:48AM
I've always like Quarry. This article just makes me respect him even more.
3/7/07 11:35:44AM
Really good article. Everybody should read it to see the humanity behind MMA.
3/8/07 6:50:40AM
Great article indeed, this only makes my respect for Nate grow :). Can't wait till he is back. He wasn't ready at all for Rich, but I just would love to see him fight again.
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